Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rip Roar'n Week

Ughhh. Preparing for daughter's trip abroad.

Foreign Currency
Sheet music
Packing every conceivable thing under the sun that she needs or might need - in a suitcase that isn't too heavy or too big and meets airline regulations

New software system at work - yes it was installed this week and has been making work life hellish on top of personal hellishness at home.

I am so exhausted

I haven't even had time to figure everything out or even to make sure I've bought, packed, prepared and provided everything. And she's leaving in just a few days.

I'll miss her. I'll worry.

I'm exhausted.

It's an experience of a lifetime.

But preparing for it is an experience of a lifetime for me.



Laura said...

As long as you superglue her passport onto her, she'll be fine. ;) If she's staying in the European Union, and not the Communist or Arabic parts of the world, she should be fine. Almost everyone wants to show off their English skills.

I found that even with adapters, electrical things were useless. Every country was different. We were over there in June, too, and it was hotter than I'd thought it'd be. Drinks tend to be room temperature, air conditioning was rare. If her cellphone is internationial, she can keep that and her passport attached to her at all times. :) Even if both are stolen, well, that's what the American embassies are for.

What else? Look both ways before crossing the street TWICE and don't run off with strangers in the middle of the night.

Jeanie said...

Wow, a foreign country! How exciting! Don't worry mom, she'll be fine! YOU may not be, but SHE will!

ChelleC said...

She leaves today. I really am exhausted. We went to Wichita over the weekend to see her group perform - they did 3 solid days of crash - preparation (17 hours of practice per day)and the parents' concert was yesterday. They did a lovely job and sing and play beautifully together. But I am beat with the last-minute continual flashes of "Oh shit, we forgot THIS!!" and the frantic trips to the store to add one more vital thing. She flies out early this afternoon. My stomach is still in knots.