Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Bird Story - And A Treadmill

We woke up this bright sunny (for once) Spring morning to the sound of birds, and when we went to get our coffee, look who was sleeping out on the deck railing? A bird. I don't know what kind of bird. But he appears to be asleep. He was out there, sleeping, sitting, daydreaming (whatever) for quite some time. He remained there, oblivious, while we snapped his photo several times and stood by and watched him, drinking our coffee.

Bob wonders if this tranquil little bird thinks he's on a really, thick secure branch, since this railing is so close to the familiar tree -- not sure what he thinks. I was warned long ago by a science professor of mine NOT to anthromorphize animals and even pretend to know what they think. But if we once again had a cat, like we've recently contemplated, this bird wouldn't be safe sitting on the deck railing.

Eventually, after standing there watching him for a long time, we started hearing other birds calling out to him, perhaps saying "Wake up, you Dummy! Get out of there and back into the tree!" We're not sure. Is this bird stupid or merely trusting?

On a non-bird-related note - as of last weekend, I now have absotely NO EXCUSE not to exercise. When Bob and I were in St. Louie last weekend, we had a chance to workout on the hotel's treadmill and we really liked it. We've been considering getting one for quite some time, so we finally did over the Memorial Day holiday.

We've both been working out on it nearly every day this week. I skipped 2 days out of 7 so far, and I'd like to get on it every single day. So far, I'm on a 25 minute (1 mile) program with it, but I'm hoping to expand that out to 30 minutes this week. We still plan on going on our outdoor walks, but the reason I like having this treadmill is on days like the ones we've had lately (torrential rains) or on days in the summer when it is 100 degrees and 90% humidity, we can still exercise and have no excuse to get lazy.

We put it downstairs, in our basement, but we have a TV set up down there so we can workout in entertainment and comfort. So far, it's working out well.

The new element I need to bring into my lifestyle is excercise - not "work out until I drop and give up" exercise, but just doable sessions, doable amounts, every day. I really believe consistency is the key and it's something I always struggle with. I once heard a self-help tape that said, "A little is a LOT." I need to tape this into my subconscious. Every little bit I do in the way of everything good, but especially exercise, really helps make me healthier. That's right! Speaking of which, it's treadmill time. Catch you later.


Laura said...

Don't be like me, sweetie, ok? The more I walk, the more I gain. :) Have you given up on the group walks, then? You, Carol, and Mary are so lucky to live so close together.

Claude will see birds out on the back deck and start talking to them. I'll look down at him, saying "Shush or you'll never catch it."

P.S. I keep thinking I'll blog an answer to what I'm doing with the Child's Play, but goof around and don't get pics of it. I'm making a Flower Basket Shawl out of it. The colors are too much for the pattern, but I'm hoping intense blocking and wearing black underneath will help.

ChelleC said...

With the health walks - that St. Lukes program is over now. I have to confess, I didn't go to about the last 2-3 of them. There kept being rain . . . every Tuesday. And it just wasn't fun with the track they had us walking on. Excuses, excuses. I know. But with the treadmill, I don't have the excuses.