Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Music is Good For the Soul

I've been going through a transition lately - at work. I don't want to go into too many details here, but suffice it to say that I was in a sales job where my sales weren't quite high enough - I was close SO CLOSE to making it in that department, where they had high sales quotas. I struggled so hard for a year to try to make it in my other job, and now I've lost that opportunity. Now instead I've been transferred to another department that is kind of a "step down" in many ways. It was my first day there in that department today. While the stress is much less, and the people extremely nice and friendly, I still feel bad.

So I'm disappointed in myself and feel kind of like a failure. I know in the broader perspective of world peace and all that, this small disappointment in myself is minor - but it feels big right now.

Speaking of "In the Garden" - I was talking about gardens the other day, and look what came my way.

To cheer me up - something came in the mail just in my time of need. Lynn H. of ColorJoy is not only an accomplished knitter and artist, but she's also an extremely talented musician!! I finally bought one of her CDs, she and her husband Brian sing 1920's songs and are accompanied by him Ukelele and her on Bass. I love 1920's music, have always been entranced by the Flapper era, and I swear I think Lynn and her hubby are reincarnated from that time. It's eerie. I LOVED their music. Now I want to get their other CD as well.

I loved SEVERAL of the songs, but my favorites were "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" (I'm old enough to remember Tiny Tim singing that one); also "If You Want the Rainbow, You Must Have Rain." It's ironic that in her last comment to me, in the last entry, Lynn suggested that I play music and sing along. That very day she commented, I had her CD playing in my car and found myself singing along to her songs - my voice is not nearly as lovely as hers, but no one can hear or complain about my off-key warbling when I'm on the highway with the windows rolled up/air conditioning on.

The world needs more Lynn H's, I'll tell you that! I've read her blog for years, loved her knitting, her designing and her fine attitude. But now I enjoy tipping through the tulips with her as well (not literally but musically).


Laura said...

Is this the same job where you're in the same company, but in a nice, non-sales driven place? Where everyone is happy and content to be there? You're great at sales, seriously, so I could see how you'd be unhappy. But me? I choose the happy place every time. I know, it IS a disappointment to miss a quota, but I dare anyone else to do as well as you did in the same position. I don't think anyone else could.

melanie said...

You're not a failure. Quotas are arbitrary numbers chosen to force more work out of very competent people and play to the competitive thread in all of us.

(Did this company meet your salary quota? Probably not...(grin))

If it is any consolation, you stayed with your Habit four days and 24 hours longer than I!

How goes the rest of the chosen items?

Jen said...

All things happen for a reason - what opportunity is this move presenting to you? If you can't see it yet, be patient, sometimes the universe has to move something or someone else for it all to come together.

Carol said...

OK enough of the failure talk. That company is a failure not you. Any company worth its salt treats it sales force better than that company ever treated you. With your personality and work ethic you deserved to be treated much better.

Their management practices leave alot to be desired. Everyone knows that employees work better of they are treated decently.

Hopefully this new spot will give you a chance to work in a better atmosphere until you fine the right place for you where you will be treated with the respect that you deserve.

ChelleC said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. This other department is extremely nice! It's like night and day from being on the "dark side" where I was officed before. It's amazing how one building and department can be opposite in attitude from the other. People actually STAY in this dept long-term and they don't have nearly the turnover. Here they are laid-back, nice, etc. but the pay is less, and there's the rub. Ah well, I'm trying to have a better attitude and enjoy the serenity. Right now, the healing and serenity I need even more than $$$.

ChelleC said...

Laura, this job is still sales, which I do love, but it's much less pushy, more of a "soft sell" which is my style. It also has much easier quotas and a FABULOUSLY nice manager. I can't hardly believe the difference - I just need to adjust my wallet, that's all. Gulp!! Yeah, right before Stitches.