Monday, July 30, 2007

Next Up: Freeform Jacket Sleeves

You may remember that I attended a Freeform workshop at The Studio's Knitting Retreat last January. Store owner Alie Scholes showed us many cute Freeform projects she had done. One of my favorites was one of the most simple, a plain denim vest where she did Freeform sleeves and collar. That way it was totally wearable and very unique without being too gawdy for my taste.

I found the plain jacket (at the top of the screen) in my size at a local thrift store, and I'm going to bring it along to Stitches Midwest next week and try to turn it into a Freeform masterpiece - now I'm undergoing the delicious task of picking my colors and my yarn to bring along. Total fun!

The second one is the jacket done by Alie Scholes of The Studio, who did a workshop last January on Freeform.

Now my question to any who care to answer, what is the easiest/best way to do this. Should I make a cloth template of sleeves and then put the scrumbles on the templated sleeves. Or is there some other, better way to do this? Lorena in my knitting group once suggested (several months ago) a very innovative way to do it, but I'll have to remember to ask her again, because I don't remember what she suggested.

I am going to take 2 days of workshops with Valentina Devine, the Freeform Knitter who first inspired Alie Scholes to get into this type of creative endeavor. Clara, of Knitter's Review, aptly calls Freeform Knitting "off road knitting/crocheting" and I think nothing describes it better than that. I just wish I crocheted better so I had more options, but even though I've only completed one Freeform project so far, I had a total blast doing it.

Valentine Devine knits projects like this:

and this:

The thing I like best about this Creative Knitting is that while I love to knit, I seem to have a problem, as demonstrated recently by the Lacy Tee, that I have a problem knitting to gauge or knitting in a way that fits my body. Luckily the Lacy Tee ended up fitting my Mother, so I'm happy it will end up being worn by her. But the great thing about Freeform is you don't always have to knit to form - plus, you can knit or crochet scrumbles and add it onto an already structured garment or purse - so you KNOW it will fit. Thank goodness.

I can't wait to meet and learn from Valentina ("No Rules") Devine.

Off to sort yarn . . . and to pack (not in that order don't you know?)


Elysbeth said...

That looks like fun. I thought you had to sort the yarn before you could pack it?

ChelleC said...

Yes, I did, Elysbeth. I had to sort it by color (which I did over the last few days) and then late last night, I rolled the bigger skeins into mini skeins that are easier to transport and work with.