Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Beginnings

Over on her blog Elysbeth is talking about preparing for the Jewish New Years (September) by starting to clean up and clean out - as well as beginning to form new POSITIVE habits for the New Year. She points out that even for non-Jewish people, starting a prep for New Years makes more sense in the summer months than in the winter. It's easier, and in summer, I'm just more in the mood to pare down and simplify in every way. It's hot, I don't want a bunch of extra "stuff" weighing me down.

So she challenged those who care to participate to pare down with accountability by joining her. I'm doing that. Here is what she asks:

Choose One Habit that you'll do for 21 days, a positive. Mine: Get on my treadmeal every single day for at least 21 days.

Choose One Luxury. Mine: a long, luxurious bubble bath at least twice a week. Getting to bed earlier - not staying up past 10:00 p.m. and working on one really satisfying knitting project at a time.

Pick a Project: Finish the milk chocolate lacy tee to take with me to Stitches.

Something to declutter: Stash reorganization: Reigning in the stash before I go to Stitches - making a list of every yarn project I own and figuring out which ones I'm ready to once again frog, recycle the yarn and perhaps give/sell to others who might enjoy things I no longer am passionate about.

It's also a time of year I'm more motivated to try to lose weight, as well. Meals can be simple if I let them be, such as - sliced tomatoes, scrambled eggs for breakfast; lunch: salad with very little dressing; dinner: lean fish or chicken, veggies and a small salad.

As Elysbeth says, the nice thing about this plan is to provide accountability without shame - I've set my sites on what I hope to do, but I'm doing what's doable and not beating myself up if I don't accomplish everything.

That's sounds easy . . . like Sunday morning, as the song says. Summer really SHOULD be simple - and I'm determined to keep it that way.

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