Sunday, March 16, 2008

Train Show . . . In Search of a Purse . . . and other Misc. Comments

First off, we went to a train show yesterday. Not just any train show but a BIG train show. My husband and I enjoy going to these, but I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about fighting the traffic and crowds. You see, it was taking place in downtown Kansas City, along with the Big 12 Basketball Tournament. We decided to park at Crown Center and then take a cab or shuttle downtown. So our Saturday morning was fun but harried. An adventure you might say. We haven't taken a cab or a bus in a LONG time, and that was a bit weird- just figuring out how to hail a cab and get on the right bus. As we bought our tickets to get in, they stamped us with a tatoo stamp in bright blue ink that kept rubbing off on our clothes all day . . . a bit annoying to say the least. Even the left inside cuff of my coat bears the blue mark. Ah well . . . we might go back for more fun again today, just depends on how much "fun" I can stand. I've enjoyed previous train shows much more.

In other news, I've been plugging away on the Simply Lovely Lace socks in Kay's hand dyed Flam'n Hot yarn. The socks are turning out really well. I've been using that 2-At-A-Time sock technique that I keep talking about. While I couldn't figure out how to turn the heel at the same time using the Magic Loop, I really tried. Finally I took them each off and turned the heel individually. But as you can see, TA DA, I figured out how to put both socks back ON the Magic Loop and get started knitting my way down the foot. Hopefully this last part will be the home stretch and I can finally finish these suckers.

One crazy thing I've been doing this week is playing on the Internet in search of this:

Exterior Pockets? Check. Interior Pockets? Check. Zippered interior divider and detachable shoulder strap? Check. Check. Organizing your knitting project and personal items is just another day at the beach with Namaste's Laguna bag. 17-1/2" W x 16" H x 7-1/2" D.

What I like most about this bag is that it doubles as BOTH a personal purse and a knitting bag. I always find myself carrying both, and that is a hassle. How about ONE bag that looks like a purse but is roomy enough for knitting projects and tools too? And looks a bit stylish at the same time. Great idea.

My friend Elsybeth made me aware of this bag because we share a mutual and unrelenting knitting bag lust. If you click on the link to her blog, you can read all about her finding and falling in love (so to speak) with her Olive Laguna bag by Namaste. Well, she got me addicted to. It's her fault. However, I'm always just a day late and a dollar short - literally. It was like the DAY after she ordered hers, I tried to order mine and they were totally sold out. So I'm on the waiting list . . . a L-O-N-G waiting list. In her defense, Elysbeth tried to help me in my search. On Friday, she phoned to alert me to a possible LaGuna bag siting, but it turned out to be a Malibu (at right)
instead, and neither of us like that design nearly as well. No, it HAS to be a LaGuna bag, preferably in Lime Green. For a while yesterday, I thought that I had snared one in my second-favorite color, Saddle, but it turned out that online retailer was sold out of the bags, they just hadn't updated their website to reflect it. So . . . I guess I need to hold my horses and just WAIT. Supposedly mine will arrive in early April.

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loopykd said...

Good luck in your search! I am absolutely in love with my Laguna and I'm glad I chose it over the other designs.