Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Diet Check In

Well, so far, the Idiot Proof diet is working fine for me. The first day was pretty bad, Sunday, because going "no caffeine" gave me a terrific headache all day. The second day, also, I had a bit a headache early afternoon, but it eased with me using my favorite headache remedy, the Origins stress reliever lotion, it's a strong peppermint scented lotion that you rub on your forehead, temples, and a couple of dabs just under my nose too. Though it doesn't totally eliminate the headache, if you put it on at the onset, it helps. I also took 1 tablet of Aleve, not sure if that has caffeine in it or not, but I was avoiding Excedrin Migraine, because it definitely has caffeine!

Day 3 (yesterday) was much better, no headache.

Best of all, with this diet, I am having no cravings. I am feeling pleasantly full, not bloated, I am drinking lots of water. Mainly eating eggs and 2 strips of bacon for breakfast, a salad with a lean protein for lunch and a protein with grilled veggies for dinner. Pretty simple. For snacks, you can have cheese and nuts. Eventually, the menu will expand, but the first 2 weeks are pretty strict.

I've been feeling good and going strong. What amazed me is that we went out to dinner last night at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Instead of eating a whole bowl of chips and salsa like I usually do, I refrained from the chips - even watched Bob eat them without diving in. Just ate a taco salad - without the beans or shell, and it was delicious. I managed to sit through a whole hour of temptation while sticking to my diet. And it was late - 7:00 p.m. when I'm normally starved. Because of this diet, I wasn't feeling hungry and crazy, so I was able to do it. Yay!


Tracy said...

Hooray for your good diet start. sounds like its working perfectly for you.

On a side note, I noticed you said Excedrin's a little tip for you, buy the regular Excedrin it has the exact same ingredients in the same amounts with out the extra buck or two charged for the "fancy" name. :o)

Elysbeth said...

Yay! I love to hear food success stories.

Treat yourself well.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Self control is always the most difficult thing for me to conquer on a diet or as I perfer to call it "a change of lifestyle". Keep up the good work, and don't sweat it if you fall off the wagon per se. You get up, dust yourself off and start over again. Hugs! Shelly in Omaha