Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Are We Here Yet? Sort Of

This move has been the hardest of any we've ever done! Gosh, it just feels so disorganized. We got the furniture moved in on Friday, but we still don't have much in place. We still have 2 storage lockers full of stuff to sort and place somewhere in this house. Although the house is larger, I don't know that it has a lot more usable space.

We're still unpacking - and our muscles ache so much, you'd think we didn't have movers! It feels like I moved the sofa on my back. Ugh.

I hope to get to knitting group this week. I miss my gang!


Laura said...

We miss you too! I'll have to be there Saturday, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelle,

We miss you on KR. (Actually, I'm sure they miss me there, too, since I neve have time to log in).

Hope all is going well with the moving in. I'm sure you'll love your new home. It looks beautiful!

I just realized you're in MO! I had pictured you in East Texas, for some reason. And then I read an old KR post that mentioned that the Valentina Devine style class you took was in Kansas City, so I'm not sure how I got that idea. Maybe you'd mentioned a business trip to Texas? No? Anyway, I think MO is beautiful! I traveled through on a teaching trip with my grandparents back in the mid 70's right out of high school. I remember lots of rolling hills and green trees and lots of caves. I think we visited one with a table rock in it where Jesse James was reputed to have divided up the loot with his gang after a robbery.

Kim (From So. CA)

ChelleC said...

Hi Laura and Kim,

Yes I am trying to make headway on this unpacking business, but there's a lot involved and I suspect it may take months to get completely settled in. That's why I didn't get to knitting group Saturday.

Anyhow, yes Kim, I'm in the KC MO area. I like Missouri a lot. It's been my home all my life. The Ozark you describe are beautiful - we go there on vacations every time we get a chance. The thing I like best about Mo are the trees and the slower pace, although I'm a very fast-paced person myself.

Mid-70s as a teen? You must be about my age!

I'd love to go to California again and take those Freeforming classes you talk about.