Monday, September 04, 2006

Love the Socks a Lotta

Well, much to my delight, I have finally finished BOTH of the Simply Lovely Lace socks. And gee, it only took me two months. I've been busy doing everything BUT knitting. So it was while we were driving around yesterday that I was able to finish the toe of this second one.

Let me tell you, these babies are a real gift to myself right now. I love them! They are sock-a-lishous. They fit perfect and it was chilly enough that I wore them to sleep last night. Once I finally got the hang of that pattern, I really liked it. These won't be my only pair. After we move and get unpacked, there's a Burgandy pair in my knitting future. How bout that for Sock Love? I don't often do a project twice, but these are lovely enough to redo. That's quite a testiment to their sock goodliness.

I also started these "Fetching" fingerless gloves in a charcoal color:

The pattern is found here on Knitty. Even though it calls for a size 6 DP set of needles, I went down to a size 5 because I knit loose.

Deciding I didn't need to knit a gauge swatch, I started knitting away a couple of inches down the cable section before realizing that these gloves would still be too large, even on a size 5. Normally I'd just switch down to a size 4 or 3 and start over, but my DP needles are now safely packed away somewhere in a box - who knows which one. Grrr!

Now most the darned stores will be closed because it's Labor Day, so I'll probably have to wait till after the holiday to buy some DP needles, unless I can find a Michaels or somewhere that is open. I really shouldn't be knitting anyway, we have so much packing to do. But I love these gloves and with the night temps falling, there's been a hint of Fall in the air that is making me want to knit warm things and cook Chili.

Today - we'll have chili and continue to pack. My desk and computer will probably be next, so if you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks, you'll know why.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the socks! Wonderful work. Where can I find that pattern?

Jeanne said...

The socks turned out great - love the color! Good luck with the move.

ChelleC said...

Melanie, The socks are called "Simply Lovely Lace Socks" and they are in the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. IW is my favorite knitting magazine.

Laura said...

I'm jealous you're done! I've yet to start my second socks. Now that that Bitchen Mitten contest deadline is here, I'm starting the second socks soon. You've inspired me. :)

Phyllis W. said...

Cute feet, yours or your kiddos?

ChelleC said...

Phyllis, Those are my feet - and my fish-belly legs.

I found my burgandy sock yarn in the closet, so I guess I didn't pack it up after all. Maybe I'll start another pair of these socks before I forget how to do it.

Carol said...

Love the socks on you. I am going to pick mine up again soon and continue on. I will not frog, I will not frog but will finish them some day soon.