Monday, January 21, 2008

Cables and Bobbles - Oh My!

I needed a winter hat. With the weather getting nippy, I decided to make the Cables and Bobbles Beret from Creative Knitting on page 32. Lorenia in our knitting group had made that, along with the Unisex gloves from One Skein. I decided to make the hat using Katmandu Aran weight, two strands held together as instructed. Unfortunately, I was anxious to get started and didn't do a gauge swatch.

I finished the hat quickly. It was really easy and fun. Whipped it out in one day, yesterday. Unfortunately, it's a bit too large for my head. You see it here placed higher up, but it goes all the way down my forehead and practically covers my eyes. Gauge swatches really do help! But anyhow, I like the hat. It's cute and kind of funky.

I'll probably try to wash it in the washer and hope it doesn't felt. But if it does, I like it well enough to try another. We'll see what happens and if I can get it to shrink.

Afterwards: Okay, the idea about shrinking it in the washer was a bad idea. I thought the worst that would happen was it would shrink way too much and/or felt and I'd give it away to a child. Instead, it grew expontentially. Oh my gosh, now it's big enough to work as a car cover, just kidding, but it's really BIG. After it dries, I'll post a picture just for grins.

Here it is - all I can say is, "Oh my, how did this happen?"


Elysbeth said...

Oh dear. Well since it didn't felt you could unravel and remake.

PS, your face looks like you are losing weight. Congratulations.

Ellen Bloom said...

Keep felting it! Over and over again. Just throw it in with your regular wash. Also, try throwing it in the dryer. Eventually, it should felt to a smaller size!

ChelleC said...

Okay, first I'm not losing weight. Sure wish that were true!

Second, I already threw the hat away last night. It made me off so mad, I got rid of it. Actually, it was pretty felted by the time I washed it twice. Decided to just give up on it and start over. I'll probably do a different color this time too. Next time, I'm using cheap acrylic yarn. Arggh!!!

emmy said...

i REALLY like the top picture of you, it's very very pretty.