Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Namesake - A Wonderful Movie!

I am a HUGE movie buff. In fact, I can't even guess the number of movies I watch per year, both on the big screen and at home. But this movie, The Namesake is one of the most moving and memorable pictures I've ever seen. It was on "my recommended" films in Netflix or else I probably would have never discovered it.

This movie starts with a young newlywed couple from Calcutta moving from India to New York and they embark into a new life in America, while never leaving their Indian roots. The film starts in the 1970's, showing the characters' lives from the 1970's into the 2000 era. It follows their transition as a family, with teeanagers and later become adult children with lives of their own.

It's a movie that warms your heart, dives into a cultural shift between two generations from immigrants to the American-melded children - it crosses the cultural and generational divide in an eloquent and amazing way.

After watching this movie, I immediately started it up again and watched the whole thing a second time in one sitting. That's how good it is. If you want a good knitting or crocheting movie this weekend, go rent The Namesake.


Kay said...

Ooooh, I'd heard good things about this movie. Looks like it's unanimous! wanders off to bump it to the top of my Netflix queue

Catherine said...

Thanks for the recommendation - my daughter loved the book, which I still haven't read. Must bump it to the top of the list.