Thursday, January 03, 2008

Out of the Closet

I would not wear them in a tree
I would not wear them ever again on me

I would not wear them on my rump
I'd only wear them in a wardrobe slump

I would not want them on my shoulders
These matronly clothes only made me look older

I dare not wear them off to work
Everyone would think I'm a fashion dwerk

Though I am not a fashion plate
Let's see if I can change my fate

Today came the time to reshape my morning routine for my future job. (I'm starting Monday). The dress code at this new place is "business casual" as opposed to "wear anything but your pajamas" which was the extremely casual code at my last job. I won't blame the dress code, because it was my choice to dress like a slob. But it's time now to dress like a grown up again. So today early morning task (after doing the treadmill for 40 minutes) was to cull through my wardrobe and try on every last dress pants, skirt, blouse, jacket etc to see what still fits and looks presentable. Not much. It seems I've gotten so fat in the past 18 months . . . but we won't go there. I'm working on that too. I'm envisioning the new healthier, thinner me.

It feels really good to have a managable closet again, and to be able to walk right up to find 7 pairs of nice pants that fit and look pretty good on me. There need to be a few more blouses purchased to give myself a more professional look without looking TOO dressy. But now I know what I need and what to buy. That closet inventory was even more carthetic than the yarn inventory. Whew!!

Now I'm going to go take a friend, Carol, out for her birthday lunch. A healthy lunch. Enough pigging out already - I'm actually CRAVING a salad. Can you believe that?


Catherine said...

Oh, I am so there - I will have to start taking contract work and/or interviewing in a few weeks, and I have NOTHING downtown-ready in my closet, I also am loathe to buy nice new things in my current size. WW, then shopping, stat!

Elysbeth said...

There is definitely power in a princess seam.

Glad to hear you faced your fears and climbed right in. I personally recommend 40 over 40 as a must read when you are in this mood. :)

Enjoy your lunch

Ellen Bloom said...

Congrats on the new job! LOVE going thru my wardrobe and disposing of "mistake" clothes. I find that I wear the same 10 things over and over again anyway. You can always dress up an outfit with a handknit scarf!