Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Angora - and Happy Anniversary to Me!

According to the fiber test, you can take here, I am Angora.

Angora – Soft and warm
“Angora has a warmth that rivals cashmere and softness that rivals qiviut. Best of all, it comes from cute little bunnies that look for all the world like furry footstools with ears.” –The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

Angoras are eager to please and are highly sensitive. Flexibility and adaptability are your strengths and sometimes your weakness, as well. You are essentially a warm and feeling person, and little escapes your impressionable mind. You are generous with others and strive for harmony in your relationships.

Anyone buy Clara Parkes' new book yet? I've been putting off buying it, because of tight budget, but finally decided to get it. If I know anything about Clara Parkes, which I do after reading her for the past four years on Knitters' Review, the forum she originated, I know that SHE KNOWS all there is to know about fiber. I'm sure this book is a winner - and one of the best ways of getting both a reference on fiber traits, as well as wonderful patterns.

Speaking of knitting, my knitting has been going really sucky lately. The Rose Hearts Shawl I'm making is going extremely slow. I still am not finished with it. Haven't been working on it much at all. I'm frankly just sick of it. It's growing very slowly and is tedious. I have wanted several times to bind off and be done with it, but it's still only 36" wide, so I'm afraid it's not quite large enough across. Now I've made a mistake and need to rip back to an earlier lifeline but now that there are over 200 stitches on the needle, I hate even knitting or ripping a row. HEAVY SIGH.

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary. Hurray!!! Marrying my husband was one of the very best decisions of my life. I've made a lot of mistakes, but thank goodness, he wasn't one of them. He's my best friend, my sweetie, and my favorite companion in the world.


Shelly in Omaha said...

Congrats on your anniversary! Life is definately better with ones you love and who love you back - unconditionally! May you have many, many, many more!

Ellen Bloom said...

Happy Anniversary!

JessaLu said...

Happy Anniversary!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Congratulations to both of you. I know what a wonderful thing it is to have a partner that is really right for you. (Learned it the rough way but I've had Brian for 11 years and it's swell.)

I hope you have a grand day together. We spent the day cleaning house. Could be worse... we have a guest coming Tuesday. Nice to do this together with a few more days as a cushion.

But hey... a day cleaning house with Brian is still a day with Brian. May you guys have a cozy day without the dust!!!


Elysbeth said...

Congratulations! More than 2 decades of love and laughter. May you have many more.

Get The Book.

You've reached what Yarn Harlot calls the Black hole of knitting. Keep knitting or this may become a guilt inducing UFO. (Ask me how I know.)

Hmmn Angora eh? But angora sheds everywhere and you have to wear special clothes with it, I don't see you as that high maintenance.

ChelleC said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone on my anniversary. We went away to a nice dinner and went to stay at a hotel overnight. It was fun except Bob caught the cold I had last week, the same one our daughter passed along to me the week before. Ugggh!!! Not very romantic, but that's life.

Regarding the Angora thing - yeah that's true Angora really does shed and it's a pain in the neck! That's the way the test came out, hmmm. It's not my favorite fiber by far.

Honestly of all the fibers, I'm probably more of a merino wool if the truth be told.