Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Try at the Cables and Bobbles Hat

I gave up trying to salvage that Kathmandu yarn version of the Cables & Bobbles Hat from the January 2008 issue of Creative Knitting. I threw it in the trash.

Then late last week, I started a new version with cheap but wonderful "Caron's Simply Soft" in the Autumn Red colorway. I realize some knitters are totally put off of acrylic yarn, but truthfully, Caron's Simply Soft has always been one of my very favorite yarns! So I was quite happy to make the switch.

To make the hat a bit smaller, I went down from a size 10 1/2 needle that was called for in the pattern and moved to a 9, plus I cast on the brim with size 7.

It just so happens that a couple of years ago, I made Bobby an Irish Hiking scarf out of that same yarn and color. Well, since he hasn't worn the scarf himself, then as soon as I find it in one of these closets, I'm planning on confiscating it and it will officially mine. (Shsssh!!! Don't tell, he'll never notice). Then I'll have a nice little cables hat and scarf set just in time for the worst of the winter.

This weekend, we're having a weird Spring-ish reprieve. Yes, it's supposed to get up into the 60s today. But tomorrow another cold snap is coming and we'll be back to real winter again. This new hat and scarf set will come in handy. Eventually I'll make a pair of gloves to go with it too. But not immediately.

My next project is the set of Fingerless Gloves that Carol and I went to get the pattern for Thursday night (see Thelma & Louise adventure recounted below).

Have a fun, adventurous week everyone!


Laura said...

Wow! The hat went fast! It was only a minute ago I was reading about the other hat. ;)

I'm glad you and Carol didn't do the whole Thelma and Louise thing. Cliff diving in cars can hurt! Very nice of the Studio to let you in, too.

Don't feel bad about stealing Bob's scarf. Every once in a while, I'll swipe Dirk's sweater I made him. It's huge, comfy, and hides the fact my diet and exercise isn't working. :D

Carol said...

This version of the hat came out great. I really like the color too. It will be a good match for the Hiking Scarf.

Kay said...

So cute! And it's even cuter in person! Nice job.