Sunday, June 01, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Do you, by an chance remember the song, "Easy" by Lionel Ritchie? Well, that's why I like Sunday morning. It's really just like that song - no planned events, nowhere to go. It's the only day out of seven that I don't have to do a single blessed thing - and that makes the day sacred to me.

So here I am, outside on my back porch in the swing working a bit on Talia, which has been languishing the past week or so. It feels really good to get excited about working on it again. As you can see, it's getting BIG, heavy and a bit too warm to knit comfortably now that the temps are up to the high 80's and the humidity even higher. So I woke up early and started working on it again because I will enjoy the heck out of wearing this vest in the Fall. Hopefully it will fit - please let it fit half as nicely as Kay's does on her. If it looks like crap, then it will probably be the last sweater for a good L-O-N-G while.

I am going to try to focus on Talia until it is finished and blocked. Then I may work on some socks as several folks suggested. I have a pair of summer socks that I cast on a few weeks ago before starting Talia. Those socks haven't really progressed, only started the first four rows or so. They are made from Kay's Jaded sock yarn - it's a gorgeous jade color that will be perfect with my clogs or sandals. Since I have such ugly feet, I wear socks year round.

When I was feeling the deep Mayonaise . . . er hum, Malaise the other day, I listened to a knitting podcast by She-Knits (Sharon) and I happened to listen Episode 49, wasn't it? (Not sure which one exactly). I happened to hear it JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME. Isn't it odd how serendipity works that way? She discussed the fact that the most important thing in knitting is to remember that this is what I do for FUN. It's important, therefore, most important of all, that whatever I knit, whatever project I work on, should be FUN also. If I don't enjoy doing it, don't do it. Simple as that.

So I'm trying to be open to experiencing my knitting bliss this week - that's my goal - to concentrate on what I most enjoy and do more of that. The two things I enjoy knitting more than anything are shawls (lace of any kind) as well as socks - oh and don't forget purses, those are also extremely fun also.

For some weird reason, I have been craving BLUE, which if you recall, is the color I normally dislike, but seem to be drawn to when I am in need of some kind of comfort or solace or when I'm wanting to bring that solace to someone else. In all my inner brooding last week, I've been cooking up a special lace project for the mother who lost her son last week. I'll tell you more about this special project in a few days. But suffice it to say, I broke down and bought some lovely BLUE yarn for it and ordered it online from Loopy Ewe. It's going to be a sort of prayer shawl, with all my healing thoughts stitched into it.


ColorJoy LynnH said...

When I work with the kids, I tell them that this is what we do for fun after school. If they try a yarn and they don't love it, I give them permission to just stop.

They can bind off and make it into something else, they can give it to someone, or they can just rip it out and try something new. All options are fine.

When I get donations of yarn I think they will not enjoy knitting (slippery or thin yarns in particular), I still put it out. If they want to try it, they can.

I let them know that some people do not enjoy knitting with that yarn even if it's beautiful, and if they find they don't like it, they can just stop and not worry.

I think they learn more about yarn this way. If I'm lucky they also learn about allowing a change of mind for something that just has no longterm consequences for their lives.

Elysbeth said...

I don't know what the scale says but that photo screams "I've lost weight". You look great!

PBW said...

I like your goal for this week!

I agree with elysbeth, you're looking a size or two smaller.