Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stash Giveaway

Here is another of my Stash Giveaways - same rules as before (2 weeks ago):

You may place a comment on this entry for any stash item that you'd like to be entered in to win. You may enter one or all three stash giveaway items, but you may win only 1 item at a time. In other words, if I draw your name for 2 items, I will contact you and ask which one you prefer.

If you entered or won last time, you may certainly enter again. YOU MUST ENTER BY FRIDAY AT NOON. ANY ENTRIES AFTER THAT CUT OFF WILL BE === WELL, CUT OFF!!
Here we go:

First off, we have 10 skeins of Berrocco's Cotton Twist in 85 yard hanks - these are 70% cotton; 30% rayon; and the colors are bright pink/orange. I was planning on making a summer top with it, but don't intend to now. It would make a summer shell or top, or a nice little girl's item. Whatever you can do with it - let your imagination soar. Ha!

Next we have 6 balls of Candy from Artful yarns in a lovely autumny/pumpkin color. It's 64% cotton 32% acryllic and 3% nylon and 1% elastic. It would make a springy capelet, scarf, child's top. 119 yards X 6 = 714 yards. Pretty color, but I decided not to make the small poncho that this was purchased for.

Finally, for you sock knitters, there is a single skein of Blue Moon's "Socks That Rock" - I bought this back when they only made those small 325 yard skeins - darn the luck!!! It's a lovely colorway of plum, grey, brown and gold called Carbon. It would probably be enough to make a short-cuffed pair of socks - or you could use it in whatever way you can conjure for 325 yards of luscious sock yarn.

There it is folks. Good luck!


Laura said...

Ok, I'll have to jump in here and ask for the Socks that Rock. I even have some Cherry Tree sock yarn to trade out, if you want, in your colors. I'd also love the Berocco to make a surprise for someone. :D If there's something you'd like to trade for that, yarn, pattern, whatever, just ask. I'm thinking about paring down my pattern collection, since there's so many of them around here.

Tracy said...

Whoa....that candy yarn is my kind of color yes please.

That socks that rock looks fabulous I can't believe you're giving that up. Really??? You couldn't find a nifty little lace scarf-let to work?!?

PBW said...

I want that Berrocco's Cotton Twist yarn - BAD!!! It's gorgeous!

Elysbeth said...

Please toss me into the Socks that Rock, and the Artful Pumpkin. ;)

This must be what YarnHarlot refers to as a Stash Cull?

How is the Bluewater Shoal?

Amanda said...

I'm not picky! I would love to have anything!

Thank you!

Kristie said...

I'd love to be considered for the cotton twist. thank you!

Maureen said...

I'd like to be entered for the Cotton Twist - I like the pinkiness of it, it would make something lovely for my daughter. (probably more than one something, since that's a lot o' yarn)

It's very cool that you do this, by the way!

ChelleC said...

Amanda, Maureen and Kristie - since I don't have your email addy's - please check back here on Friday to see if you won. If so, you will need to email me your email and mailing address. I can be reached at Chelle C 100 (put together my first name, last name and the #100 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

It's really gratifying to give away some yarn that I know will go to good use through another knitter.

pamM said...

Those are all loverly.

I am not tossing my name in as it would just be greedy...I am swatching with the Green from the last go round.

Yarn Thing said...

All right...I have to toss my name in the mix. I have to pick just one? No...I see that I can enter for all three...I think I will just do that. why not? :-)


Tracy said...

Hey Chelle - I would love the Berocco, could definitely do some things for Ruthie with that! Put me in the running, OK? I will make it to ssk again one of these days, life is just too much in the way lately!

dori said...

Sign me up for the socks that rock.
I love the color

loopykd said...

OOOOOOOOOO What an idea! Can you please add my name to the Cotton Twist? That would make something perfect for my little (I guess not so little anymore) one! Thanks!