Thursday, June 12, 2008

When In Doubt . . . Seek Out Instant Gratification Project

Sometimes, even in my knitting life, I am plagued with self-doubt. Lately, I've had three projects in a row that have given me fits - not necessary because the patterns/designs were bad, but just because I've had a run of trouble with them, and it may be my distracted mind that has caused the problems, I don't know.

But it just seems like my knitting projects run in spurts - last Fall, I had a spurt of really GOOD successes that made me feel confident and almost giddy in how well they turned out. I almost pronounced myself, "Knitting Proficient."

Well this Spring has been the opposite. First, in April, I knit that fugly lime green vest that I still haven't had frogged, but intend to. It's knit okay, it just looks like crap on me, and really don't think it would be flattering on anyone I know.

Then I tried to knit some cute little (seemingly simple) socks that didn't turn out to be so simple. I tried to restart them several times, and I just don't get it. They stump me and I don't know why.

Third, I've been working on this Talia vest since the beginning of May, and I had that strange arm-flap snafu that I brought to my Knit Group and they helped me redeem. I am ALMOST finished with that project. I reknit that upper portion and am now just about to do the pick up edges around the armhole and neck for final finishing. I'm HOPING Talia turns out, but it seemed to take too long and was getting on my last knitting NERVE for some reason. It certainly hasn't been a fun and/or satisfying knit. Again, I think that's because I really don't enjoy sweater knitting and realizing this has been a huge "Eureka" for me.

So yesterday, on break at work, I needed a PLEASURABLE knitting fix. I found this cute free knitting pattern for summer socks that is PERFECT for my favorite summer sock yarn, Cascade Fixation. Selecting a ball of Fixation from my stash, I cast on using the Melissa Morgan-Oakes two sock method (which I LOVE), and I started making me a pair of Cascade Fixation Summer Ankle Socks. They are easy, they are fun, they are mindless, and they will end up being wonderfully WEARABLE. It doesn't take much to make me happy sometimes - a free pattern, some yarn from stash, and a fresh try at an easy, instant gratification project. Whew! That's just what I need.

We have one more day folks, Thursday, for the Online Trunk Show and then I pick a winner. No one seems to want the middle one, so it may end up going to the charity giveaway bin unless someone speaks up for it soon. This has been a lot of fun and I may do it again! I'm still in a stash evaluation process.

Be sure and leave your email addy for me if I don't already know it. My email is ChelleC100 at yahoo dot com if you want to send me yours via private email. Thanks everyone.

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