Thursday, August 07, 2008


I am so excited to have tomorrow off work. This sounds crazy, but I SO SELDOM take a day off work that it is really special when I do! I feel positively delighted to the point where I have about 15 different plans of what I can do on this day.

One involves sitting at home all day in my PJS watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and casting on for my Striped Mitered Ravelempics project and knitting on it all day long while watching the games. This way I'd get a good start on my project and really have time to "veg out" at home.

Another imagined plan is to get out of the house early, drive to Yarn Barn, one of my favorite yarn stores of all time, and see what wonderful rovings they have to offer to feed my new spinning obsesesion.

Yet another option is to get up early, clean my entire house from top to bottom while watching the Olympics. While I'd like a clean house, that option doesn't sound very fun on a day off. Nah! Scrap that one.

Then there's the option of taking my daughter school supply shopping, out to lunch, maybe catching a matinee movie and having a total mother/daughter day. I'm not sure if she'd want to spend all day with me, but it's a nice thought.

Yet another fantasty day is that I go into my cluttered knitting room, organize all the yarns and projects into a neat, tidy format so that I can just walk in there, pull out a project at any given time and know exactly what's on the needles and soon to BE on the needles. Now that I've given away most of my excess stash, this has some appeal. I've been pretty messy and disorganized in this room lately. It would be nice to have a well-functioning craft room again.

I think, much like planning a vacation, or anticipating a favorite holiday, much of the FUN of a day off is imagining all the possibilities.

My true day off tomorrow will probably be some combination of the above. I'll let you know what I actually do once the day is done. But whatever I do, hopefully I'll appreciate it and enjoy it fully.

Happy Weekend Eve everyone.

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