Sunday, August 03, 2008

Feeling Wilted

The dog days of summer are really here. I hate the heat. With us being in a 100 degree little mini heat wave for the next few days, I feel like a piece of lettuce in a wilted lettuce salad. Eccckkk.

My daughter, on the other hand, is enjoying summer - that's a photo of her and boyfriend. She wishes summer would never end. School is creeping up fast on us.

But back to the heat - yuck! I just step out of the bath, and I'm hot and sticky again. I didn't feel like going anywhere and slept way too much. Somehow I felt like I needed it.

So this has been kind of a lackluster bor-ing weekend.

It was tax-free weekend for school supplies, but I was too hot and cranky to even THINK about shopping. My teen girl wasn't really hep on it either, so we're procrastinating. With her driving, working and hanging out with her friends, she's hardly home.

Knitting News: On the knitting front, I have made good progress by scrapping the Shoalwater Shawl and switching over to the Shetland Triangle. That was a great idea, why didn't I think of it sooner? Don't know. But I just re-started this shawl on Wednesday night and I've already completed 5 repeats and am into the 6th. Not sure how many repeats I'll do, but this is a really EASY shawl and a good introduction into total chart reading.

Always in the past, I've done lace patterns with both written and charted instrucitons, but I'm happy to finally wean myself off the written instructions. This pattern is well written and fast. Very pretty too. It's from the book Wrap Style. My goal is to complete this shawl by Thursday, August 7th so I can officially begin "Ravelempics" on Friday August 8th. I'd like to block the shawl by the end of this week and give it to Margo next weekend if at all possible.

You know what? I'm thinking about taking a much-needed vacation day on Friday the 8th in order to start the Ravelempics Vest Vault with a good strong start. That way, if I DO finish the shawl, I'll be able to block it on Friday and cast on for the vest. Sounds like a plan? I'm scheming to lengthen next weekend so that I can get through the next few sweaty days. Surely the heat wave will end soon?

Fitness Program: The diet is still going GREAT. I stayed the same in terms of weight this week but my pants are feeling a bit looser and I just feel plain GOOD. Need to step up the exercise though. With the heat and all, I haven't felt like adding any extra sweat, but I really need to do it. Grumble. Grumble. It would probably make me lose faster too. I'm lazy, what can I say? If I lived anywhere near Elsybeth, she'd be kicking my ass into doing something fun and fit like Zumba!!

Ta ta for now.


Elysbeth said...

No hiney kicking, just dropping by to take you along, after all the Zumba class has A/C.

I totally vote for the day off.

Gorgeous daughter, her hair really shows off those cheekbones.

Glad to hear your new project is going well, and Margo will benefit from the happier vibes.

emmy said...

awh you posted this of me and keegy, love you.