Monday, October 27, 2008

Finding My Circadian Rhythm Again

For the past couple of months, I've been working an early shift at work, and although I thought it would be wonderful getting off in the late afternoon, it's been suprisingly NOT a good thing. I find myself exhausted and just coming home to take a nap. I haven't even gotten any daily exercise in. It feels like I'm frantic and running all the time. It's apparently NOT compatible with my body rhythm.

Late last week, I found out that I've received a promotion at work into a department that will require more responsibility and eventually will require some federal certification that I don't have right now. And I have been moved back to my OLD schedule, which involves coming in later and leaving later, but hopefully will give me more time to breathe, think and function better. It's amazing how much the change of such a small thing can make such a big difference in my mindset. I already feel relief - whew. I'm having a slow relaxing Monday morning right now, drinking my coffee, puttering, and I've already walked 30 minutes on my treadmill. Nice change of pace.

We had a super busy weekend - on Saturday, we moved a desk to my Mother's house, and it's a beautiful desk that she'll really love. On Sunday, we went to the Psychic Fair, which is ALWAYS a blast. I had only one reading done, with a guy who interprets animal totems. I'm still mulling over what he said to me, it was one of those readings where it resonated somewhat, but I'm going to have to think it over to fully determine what it means for me - he sent me home with the three animal totem cards I picked from the deck and I'm supposed to meditate on those. Okay . . . will do.

Emiy had two readings, one only "so-so" and one really powerful. I used to hesitate to bring her to these events. but she really enjoys them and gets a lot out of them, without taking it all TOO seriously.

Bob had a nice numerology reading, and helped the numerologist trouble-shoot her computer problems. Ha! Seriously. He's a computer guru.

And lastly, though I haven't had much time for knitting lately, I DID get a chance to work a bit more on my Chocolate Truffle Socks designed by my friend, Laura
. Yarn is "Chocolate Truffle" created by Dome Hill Sock Yarn. She has created a really FUN pattern, and I liked the cuff part with the sparkly beads so much that I decided to keep going, making the cuff taller so that I could maximize the colorful candy effect. It's been the first time I've worked beads into my knitting, and guess what? It's really not hard at all. Have a good week everyone - and may we all put some laughter, fun and enjoyment into our days - regardless of what shift we're on, okay?


Laura said...

Oh it's looking cute! I love it! The beads you picked out are perfect. It really does look like a box of chocolates with a dab of icing in the middle of each. What a good job you're doing. :D

I'm glad you've found your circadian groove. Your treadmill time will lower your stress, too.

Elysbeth said...

Congratulations on the promotion! And on having a little "me" time.

Take care of yourself - you've got a birthday coming and you don't want to be to stressed to enjoy it.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I can relate about schedules. I am so far off other folks' schedules that people think something is wrong, but when I have had to work in standard work days I've always gone to "my" schedule on weekends and had an awful time on Mondays.

Congrats on the promotion, too. Two good things add up well!


Debi said...

Congrats on your promotion and getting back into your rhythm Chelle.

Cute socks, you know crocheting on the beads is even easier (and better for the yarn) than stringing them on. There's a tutorial on my blog side bar.

So where's that sock yarn stash bustin' blankie I'm waiting to see? :)