Friday, October 31, 2008

What's Your Personal Year Number?

First, I must display the wonderful birthday package my friend Elysbeth sent to me. It includes "It Itches," the wonderful new book of knitting cartoons by Franklin Habit. Also some fiber to spin, and charming stitch marker. She is such a sweetie to think of me, and it warmed my heart a lot.

Because I believe in Numerology, each year, usually right around my birthday, I select my word for the upcoming year to correspond to my personal year in Numerology. My "year" doesn't run from the traditional January - December but from fall to fall, because in late fall, I start transitioning to the new year and reflecting on what I need to do to make the next calendar year better.

I've experienced a lot of loss this Fall, so I can already see the "2" year has begun. There have been transitions going on, and a lot of sadness and turmoil in my family and extended family. Thank God I discovered Spinning this summer, right before all the turmoil, because that has given me a way to positively deal with my frustrations and emotions.

Numerologically, I will be entering into a "2" personal year in early November, 2008 - it's commonly a year of letting go and changes that you have little control over - not a comfortable year for a control freak like myself. According to, "A personal year 2 is a wait and see time; a year when you will find yourself in the background and very much in a stage of development. This is not a time to force the issue and try to move forward. It is a time for cooperation and building relationships that will benefit you in the future; a year for accumulating and collecting. Aggressiveness will cause problems now. You must be prepared for delays, detours, stoppages and you must be patient."

Therefore, this year, I decided to create a theme word that will match and help me stay in flow with my personal year. This year I chose "Release" as my word - it matches the frame of mind I need to be in to make the most of this year of "going with the flow." With anything that has disturbed me too much this fall, I've found that word rising to the surface of my mind, making me a bit calmer and accepting. That word is already helping me to gain a perspective that is both keeping me sane and helping me grow deeper as a person. I'm determined not to let these changes make me bitter or resentful. Somehow, the events are being brought to me for a reason.

If you wish to figure out your very own personal year. You can go to that website and learn more about it. What you do is add your birth month + day + the year of your next BD. Say you were born on April 24th - then your personal year runs from April to late April. You would add 4 (April is the 4th month) + 2 + 4 (day of birth) + 2 + 0 + 0+ 9 (year 2009) for the upcoming year - and you would get a total of 29/3 - it would be a "3" year. If you have a fall or winter birthday, like me, you would go with 2008 because your "YEAR" actually starts at the end of the calendar year. So if you have a December 4th birthday, you'd add 12+4+2+0+0+8 = 24/6 - a "6" personal year. You always reduce the numbers down to a single digit except for 11 and 22, which are master numbers.

Book Recommendations: If you'd like to learn more about Numerology, I would recommend these books: Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Dusty Bunker; also Numerology, the Complete Guide (Goodwin).


Elysbeth said...


The number year thing looks interesting, I'll have to do the math. As for a 2 year, which sounds as though it will involve a certain amount of reshaping remember the motto of Vinger Stillwell "Illegitimi non carborundum"

I like your word, it has so many levels of use.

Catherine said...

Interesting, I just did the math and I'm in a 9 year. Boy, am I ever.