Thursday, October 23, 2008

Have You Discovered Smartflix?

Quick blog entry here, because I need to get ready for work. But have you discovered Smartflix? It's a wonderful website that rents out DVDs and Videos on everything from home remodeling, computer, electronic, metalworking and gobs of other practical topics, but unlike Netflix, Smartflix specializes in titles for a variety of practical skills, and has a HUGE craft section.

Since my current obsession is spinning, I am going to start by renting "Fiber Preparation and Multicolor Blending Techniques" by Deb Mentz. The descriptions says, "This video includes many wonderful ways to prepare fiber for spinning, using both drum carder and combs. The focus is on how to use fibers that have already been dyed to create multicolored yarns. It starts with drum carding "101" - how to effectively choose and use a drum carder. Then it's on to blending colors to create new colors. You'll learn how to get predictable results, how to blend luxury fibers, & how to create multicolored drum carded batts so the colors stay clear and bright. Multicolored yarns can also be created using combs. By using already combed and dyed solid wool top, the multi-colors will be created by using a multistep process of arrangement of colors on wide combs or hackles. Designing plied yarns with color effects in mind concludes this video workshop.

The Way It (Smartflix) Works: You order a video or DVD and if it arrives at your house on say a Wednesday, you have until the follow Wednesday - exactly one week, to watch it. Then you simply return it. I guess if you're late, they'll probably charge a late fee, I'm not sure of that yet, because this is the first time I'm doing it, but I don't intend to be late.

Anyway, this rental service has programs on knitting, spinning, weaving, and a whole wide range of topics of interest to crafters, not to mention tons of other fields. It's exciting to find such a service since craft videos and DVDs are so expensive. I'd rather watch and return them. Nifty idea!

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