Friday, October 10, 2008

A New Look At an Old Book

The Mason Dixon Knitting book is rising to the top of my attention lately. Why? After all, it's been out several years, and I've made several projects from it, including the Peaches and Cream dishrag, the cute little baby kimono and from their website, the Buttonhole Bag. It's just a FANASTIC book. Honestly, I wasn't that impressed when it first came out. It has a rather lackluster cover. It mainly features projects for the home, more so than sweaters or garments.

For someone like me, who has gauge "issues," it's delightful not to have to worry about whether it will fit or not. A blanket, a dishrag, a linen towel, an absorbant bath mat, doesn't have to fit. Most of the projects are fun, easy and very satisfying. It astonishes me, frankly, that I haven't made even MORE projects from this book, and I intend to remedy that. (You can now buy the Mason Dixon book on sale from Knitpicks for a bargain at $17.95).

What is bringing all this to mind is that the NEW Mason Dixon book, Knitting Outside the Lines, is finally available. I've been looking forward to this book release for a while. Now that this second book is out, I've thumbed through it at the bookstore, and frankly, keep scratching my head thinking, "Ehhhhh, not so great." Mainly sweaters and garments and it doesn't look too impressive - few projects immediately grab me.

But then I remember that I wasn't too impressed with the first book at first either. So I went ahead and ordered Book 2 as my last "must buy" book from Crafter's Choice.

The MD books remind me of that "nice guy" you may have gone out with, not been overly wowed by at first glance, but then slowly fell in love with as time went on. For me, the MD book endures, and I suspect that might be true of the second, as well. Only time will tell. But now I'm starting to look forward to a long, slow courtship with Book 2.


Elysbeth said...

Funny - are you Sure you're not not my sister? I thought the same thing about the first book until I saw them at a signing. And when I got the second book at the library I saw a lot for Others to knit, but only one thing that I itch to knit, and it's a blanket- not something I Would knit.

PBW said...

I also loved the first book and actually knit a few things from it. Haven't seen the second one yet.

Catherine said...

Loved the first book despite the cover, thumbed through the second one at Borders a couple of weeks ago and left it on the shelf. It didn't grab me. Maybe as I see other people making stuff from it, it will grow on me.