Saturday, October 18, 2008

Harlot, Harlot, Who's Got the Harlot?

It's been a wild, crazy week so I haven't had time to blog about the Yarn Harlot visit until now (the event was held on Monday, Ocotber 13th). The first photo shows a picture of our gang together.

We were in the front row, on the side of the auditorium. In the photo, to the left is my Mom, then myself, then Laura, Dorothy and Kay to the right. Unfortunately, the digital camera I have doesn't take good long shots, so the picture of the Harlot herself is dark and miniscule. In fact, most of the photos I took turned out badly. Don't know what was up with my camera.

My opinion of the Harlot before attending the event was "eh, she's okay, nothing special." My opinion after the event: "Super ehhhhh, nothing AT ALL special."

While I used to read her blog fairly regularly and enjoy whenever she talks about knitting, after all she IS a really talented and fast knitter and I would have greatly enjoyed hearing more about it. I have heard that in talks in the past, she knit, talked about her knitting more - but she didn't at this performance. It was all about HER and her book career. I frankly don't care about that - and the self-promo gets old very fast.

But fortunately, once the book signing portion of the event began, and over 200 knitters lined up patiently to get their books signed, my seat at the front and side allowed me to have a bird's eye view of all the talented knitters who came to see her. To me, THOSE were the real stars, the best and most DEVOTED knitters in Kansas City coming together in one place to show off their sweaters, shawls, socks etc. While waiting with them in line (not to get a book signed myself, I didn't care a thing about that). Instead, I stood up and talked to many of them, admiring their projects and talking about knitting itself, which was the REAL reason I was there.

So it was a wonderful evening, and I am glad I went.


Elysbeth said...

Wish I had been there to see it all with you.

Catherine said...

I know it's like saying you don't like cats or chocolate in Knitter World, but don't "get" the Harlot either. I do admire her ability to stretch what should have been a cute magazine article into a multi-book cult heroine deal, but I don't even read her blog anymore. I'm also not that fond of cats. ;-)

JessaLu said...

agree (1)