Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just Can't Get No . . . Knitting Satisfaction

Here lately my knitting has been kind of frustrating again. While I finished the huge Shetland Triangle shawl, it didn't turn out as intended and didn't have the same sense of "Ah" after completing it. Don't know why, but it just wasn't fulfilling.

And now I started the Pi Topper Chemo Cap for charity knitting using the Berocco Love It yarn, and Number One, I don't Love the "Love It" I think I hate it. It reminds me of that splitty yarn Nashua Cilantro that I disliked intensely. It's splitty and just feels like I'm knitting with stretchy cord rather than yarn. It wants to come unraveled and when you cut the yarn, it un-twines in a scary way.

Plus, while I love this pattern's design, it started off way too large at first. I had to rip out over half the hat and start over because even on size 6 needles, it was way too large. I knit most of the hat before realizing that. Damn! Then I switched down to size 5 and finally down to a 2 (too small), up again to a 3 - it was too large and just doesn't fit right. I don't know what's wrong with it - but I've spent over a week on it and am fed up. May try again with another pattern/different yarn. But for now, I'm setting it aside in total disgust.

What was supposed to be a quick charity project for Roberta turned into a week-long exercise of frustration.

Sometimes I feel amazingly inept as a knitter.


So, instead of knitting, I'm going to practice some of that self-care I spoke about yesterday. Taking 10 minutes to spin might be fun and relaxing.

Later note: even the spinning isn't going well --- argghh!!!!! I am so frustrated and unhappy right now. I am emotionally eating out of frustration and that isn't helping either. My Grandmother is in the hospital again and everything is haywire and going wrong right now. I need to get on a different track.

Calgon, take me away.


Laura said...

OH no! I'm sorry you don't love Love It as much as I do! That's terrible. If, by accident, you 'dropped' the yarn and pattern next to me at the next sit and knit... The cap could be magically knitted for you.

Do you remember that lovely Alp you bought at Stitches? Why not make a fall scarf out of it? Something fun and simple to clear the bad 'mojo'. It'll make knitting the hat yet again seem a little more fun, maybe.

Hugs and misses,

ChelleC said...

Laura, you are SO sweet. I just need to regroup. For the past few days, I haven't been knitting anything on purpose.

I think I'll be fine. Just a lot of bad stuff going on with everyone I know and it's a hard time for most people.