Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Overcoming the Plateau

Okay, I've been on the Jenny Craig program since November 18th, that's 14 weeks. In that time, I've lost 21 pounds, and I feel much better and healthier. Yay!!!! I've made what feels like a major lifestyle change.

I would still like to lose another 10 or 15 pounds if possible. I don't want to be skinny by any means, but for my small stature (5'3") and small bones, I don't feel I'm quite finished yet.

But for the past 3-4 weeks, I've been on a "plateau" meaning that I'm just kind of stuck at one place. I'm not losing or gaining - just hanging out in the same spot. I must admit, it's a bit annoying.

I'm not cheating on the diet, I've really stuck with it rather well. I've kept a food journal, etc. So I reevaluated the three prongs of this lifestyle, 1) Food; 2) Exercise and 3) Mindset. I think it's obvious with me what is needing more attention - EXERCISE.

Since winter and long work hours have set in, I have cut back on the only form of exercise I've been doing, which is the Treadmill. I used to do it 3 times a week, but in recent weeks, I've been lucky if I get in 1 day a week and I've kind of slacked off of wearing my pedometer. I am supposed to get in 10,000 steps per day. That has fallen to around 5,300 on an average day, and that's just not enough.

So I'm kicking my own ass, strapping on the pedometer and so far this week, I've worked out every day - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I'm also going to try some resistence work on a balance ball a couple of times a week and Emily and I are signed up for a once per week yoga class at the fitness center. I start that Thursday night.

Remember my word for the year? Priorities!!! Well, I'm determined that Exercise will be my new highest daily priority. We'll see if I can push myself over this plateau. I've worked long and hard, every day for 14 weeks to look and feel better. I'm thinner, but I also want to be TONED.

Instead of getting discouraged, I'm getting more determined. It's a good feeling. And by the way, the exercise really DOES help reduce stress. In the past 3 days of doing the exercise, I feel more energetic all day long.


Ana Petrova said...

Wow I'm jealous! I would love to lose 21 pounds. Your post makes me want to run down to Jenny!

Way to go!

Laura said...


I'm not too jealous, though. You've worked hard for the skinny. Now you need to buy new jeans, because your current ones are seriously baggy. Way to go, huh?

All this reminds me, I'm lagging behind on my 5K training. Thanks for the reminder of priorities. ;)

Elysbeth said...

Nice use of the 2009 word. At least spring is coming, that always makes you feel like moving, and it sounds like you found a variety to keep it spicy.