Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yay for Spring Break!

The whole family has been working really hard lately and we've been extremely stressed. So we decided to take off Spring Break together and spend some family time at home. We aren't planning on going anywhere, just staying home and maybe doing some bathroom renovation.

It doesn't sound very restful, but my husband is the handyman and will probably do most of the work. Emily and I will maybe help paint a bit, pick out some fixtures, and stuff like that, but mainly act as cheerleaders because he's very exacting in his handyman work and we tend to get in the way more than help when we step into that small room.

We also want to get other stuff done - if the weather is nice, we may get outside and do some yardwork - cleaning away weeds and old leaves. If the weather is rainy, then hopefully we'll move inside and do some straightening and organization. Maybe not full-blown spring cleaning, but at least spring straightening and clearing out? (I hope).

See, my plans are all grandeous!!! But we also want to relax. I swear. I want to knit. To read. To veg. To sit outside on the porch. To visit the art museum.

And I'm making plans to cast on a Spring shawl for ME. I've been doing mainly prayer shawls lately for others, and it's time I have a new shawl entirely for ME.

I want Spring to arrive so darn bad I can taste it. Wonder if it's almost time to get in the storage shed and break out the hammock for the backyard? Too early to grill burgers? Not sure. Let's wish for Spring. Yay!

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