Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shawl We Make One?

It's spring. Time for Shawls. And it dawned on me that of all the shawls I've made these past couple of years, I've only kept one for myself. Figured it was time for me to make a few shawls for my lacklucker spring wardrobe.

On one of my blessedly wonderful vacation days last week (did I mention the weather was sunny and PERFECT?), I wandered into Yarn Shop and More and saw a very cute casual shawlette on display designed by one of the talented employees named Carol Eddington. It was love at first sight.

I immediately bought the pattern. Bought the yarn, it's the Feza Alp Lite, in a beautiful colorway of purples, greens and navy called Forest Adventure. The yarn is a DK weight Novelty yarn, similar to the Magic Yarn balls we used to make several years ago, when novelty yarns were really hot. It got me in the mood, in fact, to make my own magic ball yarn again. There's a wonderful short article on making Magic Ball Yarn by Clara Parks over on Knitter's Review. "Tips and Tricks: Magic Ball Knitting." I may be doing that soon, who knows? It's sure a good way to use scrap yarn and would be fantastic for making prayer shawls.

I don't care what anyone else says, call me gawdy, whatever, but I still LOVE novelty yarns. Not fun fur. Yuck. But I like glitzy showy type yarn - bring on the sparkles, the glimmery and the textured yarns in amazing colors. This shawl displays those types of yarns in a darling little shawlette that is only 53 rows total from start to finish. You can get the pattern from the Yarn Shop and More store or website, or contact the designer at design55@everestkc.net.

If you've been afraid to tackle lace, this is an ideal beginner's shawl or a mindless knit for those who just want to stave off spring breezes or summer air conditioning chills.

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Lynn said...


I have started a 'Magic Ball of Yarn' of my leftover prayer shawl yarn. I haven't used it yet. My plan is to use black as the main color and do a slip stitch pattern. Of course, I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. I may have to get busy on that.