Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Hardest Part of Freeforming

I'm color challenged. So while Freeforming is fun - chosing the right colors for a given project can be challenging to say the least. I can't really tell what goes with what. Freeforming, to me, is all about color and texture together in a very creative way. But sometimes my creativity is hampered by too many choices!

Last night, I started thinking about packing for the retreat. Not my clothes mind you. I'll just be wearing comfortable jeans paired with different sweaters so packing my wardrobe is a snap. But packing the yarn . . . there's the rub.

Assignment: Bring an assortment of scrap or leftover yarn . . . any color or gauge of your choice! Sometimes it helps a garment to have a "color theme" ... so if you're thinking about a garment (which I am) try sticking to a theme, i.e. jewel tones, pastels, naturals, blues, etc. Try to get at least 10 different kinds of yarn (different colors, textures, some with fuzz, some with glitz). They should all look nice together in a basket. Plain black yarn is a good choice for tying a bunch of seemingly disconnected yarns together.

Okay the base of my garment will indeed be black, but I want it to be embellished with these freeform accents. So I started with this:

and ended with this:

If I go with the color theme of pinks, I could go with:

Of course, I could also go with: burgandies, browns, purples. Ah!!!!!!!

You see my problem? Too many choices. Now I'm confused.

I think I'll just bring them all and decide later. How does that sound?


Anonymous said...

Take 'em all. You have a simple wardrobe which allows more room for the really important stuff. BTW, is that a ball of Manos or Malabrigo all professionally wound and kettle dyed? It wants to come live with me. : )

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff! Sure, bring it all, you might need a skein you'd wanted to leave behind. :)

ChelleC said...

Wow, Elysbeth, you are amazing to spot the ball of Manos de Uruguay in color #0100 all made into a nice little yarn cake!

ChelleC said...

Yes I think I'll bring it all. Between my stash and my Mom's (she's riding with me) we may need a trailer to haul all our yarn bags.