Sunday, January 07, 2007

How Is Self Control Working?

Last time, I posted about my word for the year "self control." I thought I'd post a brief update on how that is working for me so far. I was telling Debbie that the way I use this word is as a tool to keep me on track. In the case of "self control" I've had a hectic week and used the word several times. It has kept me from numerous blow ups with my teenager. It has kept me from a couple of arguments with Bob.

Bob's goal, by the way, has been to stop smoking, so we've had a tense, stressful and emotional week -with a lot of snapping back and forth. But no huge "World War III" fights which might have erupted.

I've generally stayed on my diet. I had a great week diet wise except for this weekend, when I've slipped off a little during the mad rushing around yesterday to do errands. I ate Chinese food for lunch and we had dinner at Burger King. Still, even when we went to these places, I made different food selections than I normally do and I ate smaller portions. The word "self control" stayed with me even when I cheated a bit on the diet.

Work was a nightmare this week, very much so. In fact, well . . . I won't say anymore about that right now, but . . . . suffice it to say, work was a challenge but I didn't eat like a pig to emotionally self-medicate.

One thing that has helped this week was mailing my food diary to Phyllis. Having some accountability to someone else really seems to help. I didn't exercise this week, and I'd like to start doing that.

I didn't get much knitting done this week. I literally fell into bed several nights this week right away a long terrible day at work.

I hope I can have a bit more enjoyment and knitting time this week.


Anonymous said...

Poor little snookie! I seriously hope you and Mary can knit together today. You need the alone/social fun time.

Self-control would be a wonderful mantra word for me, too, but I wouldn't want to invite the chances to use it, you know. ;) I'm glad you have Phyllis to keep you accountible food-wise. Else, it's easy to sneak in a few bites of the too good stuff.

ChelleC said...

I do really good throughout the day until dinner/after dinner. If I get overly hungry and come home starved, then I am tempted to eat any and EVERYTHING that isn't nailed down. That has continued to be my biggest challenge.

Yes, I had a chance to knit with Mary, Carol and my Mom. We had a lot of fun. Missed you, Laura!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finding a challenge with so many rewards, and with having the courage to set it out there for people to see. Self control will become a comfortable habit for you, and as you've already has so many uses.
You'll be fine.

LynnH said...

It took me several days to figure out my word. Self-supporting was the last 2 years (part of a phrase that means a lot to me). This year? Balance. Maybe for the rest of my life I'll only need one word, it could happen.