Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sitting Through An Ice Storm/Pajama Day

This photo was taken last winter - when I was knitting the famous never-ending Clapotis. But other than the project, it could have been how I looked today - because I did the same thing, layed around in my pajamas with my dog, Domino, sitting on my knitting. No makeup. No errands. No obligations. Just relaxing.

It's funny that sometimes it takes an ice storm to bring your frantic life to a screeching halt and turn the weekend "busy" routine into a precious chance to do NOTHING. How seldom I do nothing these days, and how much I savor it. I need to do more of this lazing about more often. It feels really good for my soul.

It's been a crazy week at work, not a good crazy, but a CRAZY crazy. I'm so glad to be home for two days. Blessed relief.

During this "lull" in our activity, the three of us were sitting around watching old family videos we haven't seen in years. One of them was a family vacation to Universal Studios in Los Angeles when Emmy was only 7. She had her little autograph book in hand, and we were going through the parking garage as we were leaving the studio. She was in the habit of getting all the "characters" to sign her autograph book. They have a cast of movie characters and famous celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe (people dressed up like celebrities - playing those parts). So when we were leaving, she approaches this parking attendant, smiling ear to ear, bringing him her autograph book to sign. He looked suprised for a moment, then smiled back, ear to ear, and wrote a whole page in her book!! He clearly was thrilled that she thought he was important and worthy enough to warrant a signature in her book.

This reminds me, on this very ordinary but sacred day, that we're all special, even in our ordinary-ness, maybe ESPECIALLY in our ordinary-ness. We don't have to be a celebrity to warrant an emotional signature is somebody's book.


Jeanne said...

Sounds like a fun day - hope you had a nice relaxing time. Cute story about your daughter!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you had the chance to snuggle down during the storm. Because I work in hospitals we see so many people who didn't stay home, and I often wonder what was so pressing. My grandmother wouldn't have left the house during an ice storm because of a sale at Walmart. Of course, she knew how to amuse herself and kids without leaving the house too.

I love the story about your daughter. I hope she never outgrows the idea that we're all special.

Anonymous said...

You've lost weight since then, haven't you? And no, you weren't chunky then, just your face is thinner now. :P

Being housebound this weekend will make knit group next weekend that much more fun.

Check that parking attendant's name in once in a while. Working there, I'm sure he's either a screenwriter or actor of the future. ;)

ChelleC said...

No, I haven't really lost weight. Probably stayed the same or gained a little. I think it's all in the hairstyle. The photo to the right is me with the shorter haircut after my hair was thinned. To be honest, it's been growing out fast lately and I look more like the fat faced photo on the right. I can't decide whether to grow my hair out again or to keep it shorter and more stylish (right).

But no, I haven't lost weight (sigh) wishing that were the case.

ChelleC said...

Gosh, I just made a snap decision to go get my hair trimmed again so I look like the thinner faced woman. I knowing getting haircut is no weight loss - but . . . am I crazy or what????