Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness

I saw this movie during New Year's weekend. Not once but TWICE. I don't often go to first-run movies, but let me tell you, this one was really worth it. What a phenomenal, inspiring movie. And it's based on a true story.

I won't give you a plot synopsis, because you can find that here or here, but what I will tell you is that this movie had me crying both times. Wow! It shows how a real-life guy surmounted poverty and hard times to triumph in a BIG way. And he started as a failing salesman of medical equipment and ended up a hugely successful stock broker. He raised his son and wouldn't give up, no matter what. Becoming someone his son could be proud of was vitally important to Christopher Gardner.

Even when living in homeless shelters, he kept his dignity and grew his own and his son's sense of self-worth. In spite of what I've said, it sounds like a depressing movie, but for me, it was the most inspiring and uplifting movies I've seen this year, and one of the top movies in a LONG time. This man was a fantastic role model and father, in spite of never having had a father himself to pattern himself after. What a triumph of the human spirit.

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