Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Like A Teen Anticipating a Rock Concert

First, a disclaimor! The photo of the lovely Freeform vest is not my creation. I can't claim it. It was designed and knit by Alie, owner of The Studio. (See link at right). She's the teacher of the Freeform class I'm taking at the retreat I'm going to in 10 day. It is going to be a blast!

The reason I'm bringing it up again is because I received the information packet from the Studio last night in my mailbox when I arrived home after an exhausting day from work.

I am as excited as a teenager going to a rock concert. Gosh, it must be middle-aged insanity. If you'd have told me thirty years ago I'd be excited about a knitting workshop, I would have said you were crazy. But last night, I poured over this 4-page letter like each word were gold. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a LITTLE, but not much.

Last night, I got out all my Freeform books, handouts, and the vest that I started last February when I first took Alie's Freeform class at her shop. She gave us some awesome handouts then, and I started reading them again last night too.

I can't believe I'm going to get away to just have fun, gab and knit. Fun, fun, fun.


Anonymous said...

I got my packet too! Already I'm nervous, we have to have around 15 scrumbles ready? Cripes! Woe is me, I HAVE to knit.

Another sad thing is I'll have to stop by the Studio to get the materials list. I'm trying to be sad about going to a yarn store and it's not working.

Can't wait to see you in your vanilla sweater! Yay!

ChelleC said...

Is there a materials list? I thought it pretty much said the stuff in the letter - just misc yarn, tapestry needle, LOTS of pins for pinning the scrumbles, as well as different kinds of yarns that would compliment one another. You also should have some kind of template for your garment, pillow purse or whatever you're doing. I think the most impt thing is to think about what you want to do -- and try not to make it too big for a first Freeform project. That's my take on it, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally thinking pillow. Small, but not so small there's nothing to do.

Pins! I have lots but haven't packed them, yet. I know, it's a week away, but still.

ChelleC said...

Well, a Freeformer can never have quite ENOUGH pins.

LynnH said...

That sounds like a whole lot of fun. Combining color and texture and working against our nature to knit in squares? Very worthwhile and much fun.

For some reason I start thinking about what the perfect theme music might be for freeform knitting... maybe it's because I'm listening to Brian watching a Betty Boop cartoon and it has the most amazing 1920s music as the background. Incredible.

Maybe They Might Be Giants? Or Mad Tea Party's "Flying Saucers?" The B-52's? Barenaked Ladies? Anything Ukulele, for sure... Hmmm....

ChelleC said...

Lynn, I can imagine that a woman like you, ColorJoy herself, would come up with some VERY creative and beautiful Freeform designs.