Sunday, January 21, 2007

More About Freeform

This first photo shows a freeform block in progress on a sweater Ali was making at the time.

This red bobble sweater is really cute. There are bobbles all around the collar, on the sides and on the cuff. There is a pattern available for this one. I had fun making bobbles during class - they are easy to do, but very tedious!

The shawl is one that her children contributed to. It was a family project. The kids challenged her to make various shapes that were meaningful to them, such as the state of Oklahoma where they were vacationing, and a pregnant woman's belly (the neighbor was pregnant at the time); one is a bottle, one is a miniature sweater. The way she did the edging was she crocheted a chain stitch around each individual piece, then did chains connecting them altogether.

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