Sunday, January 03, 2010

Brutually Cold

Although I had big ambitions for getting started on my basement sorting and organizing, that has been delayed, like so many other things, by the brutal cold weather we've been experiencing. I am chilled to the bone, even when I'm upstairs and the thought of going down there to the basement and getting even colder just isn't something I've been able to talk myself into doing.

We'd had temperatures at 0 and even a few degrees below for the whole weekend. I think the high didn't even reach 15 degrees for several days. The snow from the last few storms is still on our driveway in blocks of inpentratable ice. We had more snow last night, and now you can't even see our subdivision's road. They say we will be having another big storm coming mid-week in a few days. Ughhh!!!

I already can't wait until Spring. This is a really depressing winter already. I don't even know how I'll get to work tomorrow and I sure dread it. It seems as if the street crews have already run out of money because they aren't even attempting to plow the streets, especially when the snow comes on the weekend, and then it just becomes impossible to plow once they do it. There are big drifts of snow everywhere - in parking lots, along the sides of the road. Pretty soon we'll need a flag to find our mailbox like they do in Minneapolis.

Last night Bob and I were going to go out to our favorite comedy club to see a show and get cheered up, but it started snowing and we could see they weren't even treating the highways, so we chickened out and drove back home.

Not motivated to do anything. Think I'll grab a cup of coffee and go back to bed. It's one of those "hide your head in a pillow" kind of days.

Later Note: Since doing the basement was too cold, I decided to start right where I am and start organizing my under-the-bed, dresser and nightstand areas. That has already perked me up. It will make getting up in the mornings for work SO much easier. I'm throwing away stuff that I no use and am finding several great little items that I'd forgotten all about.

Starting where you are seems like a good place to start in trying to find your way to a better place.


Anonymous said...
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Rebecca said...

"Starting where you are seems like a good place to start in trying to find your way to a better place."

amen to that! you should coin that ;)
dont you just love it after cleaning some space out? i did the same thing last weekend - cleared out my office closet - ugh! and the bathroom cupboard - ruthlessly tossed quite a few bottles of stuff i havent touched in forever! kept them cause i felt guilty tossing them but thats just silly cause you're still not using them... anyway, it's empowering and refreshing. good for you!
i've heard this winter has been really rough - hope it's gotten a few measly degrees warmer for you

Elysbeth said...

Glad you found your necklace. Back when I worked in an office situation -not being a morning person- I would go in the closet on Sunday evening and chose 5 outfits, then put all the accessories with it (bracelets, necklace, hose, scarf...whatever it needed to look tied together instead of thrown on) then for the rest of the week the biggest decision was "wear Today's or wear Thursday's outfit?" Really made the mornings go smoothly and I always looked "put together".