Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Finds

Friday's Find this week is all about hats. This week, I finished the Valery hat, a great pattern, but I was dissatisfied with it at first because I had an unattractive nipple/pimple top.

The Hats group on Ravelry suggested that blocking would remove some of this nipple effect and make the hat larger, which it needed to be. I was reluctant to use a bowl, because that's not much like my head shape, and I was reluctant to wear a sopping wet hat around while it dried to a REAL head shape (my own).

Solution? Someone in the Hats group wisely suggested that I visit Sally's Beauty Supply and buy a $4 wig head. I picked one up and it makes the PERFECT hat blocker. So for $4 you, too, can solve all your pointy hat problems.

Another great find in making hats less pointy is an article from the TechKnitting website called, "Avoiding Nipple in the Middle - Some Tricks to Improve Hat, Glove Fingertips and Motif Centers."

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Elysbeth said...

Thanks for the link. Great information.