Monday, January 18, 2010

Surprise Yourself

Tonight I've been listening to the old Delialah show that I haven't listened to in years. She's the wonderful evening show host who features heartwarming personal and family stories as well as "gushy love songs." She's a really enlightened person who has a lovely, reassuring voice and uplifting ideas to share.

One thing she was talking about tonight was the importance of pressing yourself to do something you've been putting off or avoiding but would make you feel much better about yourself. She asked the listening audience, "What's one small thing you could do tomorrow that would surprise yourself, and make you feel better about yourself?" She went on to say that whether it's cleaning out a drawer, setting boundaries with someone, declaring something that is important to you - whatever it is, surprise yourself by doing it.

Also on her website, she encourages each of her listeners to do something creative that will inspire them - rather it's saddling up a horse for a ride, or getting out the paintbrushes, there's always something creative each of us can do that will give us a new creative zing.

So in addition to work tomorrow, I'm really going to try to leave time to come home and 1) continue reading the fantastic novel I'm reading The Thirteenth Tale; 2) write in my journal; 3) spin on my spinning wheel.

I'm also going to remember to listen to some more Delilah on the radio. I really enjoy her as well as the stories of those who call in, and the music is nice too.

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