Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ravelympics Ramblings

Okay, blog readers, here's the thing: Ravelympics 2010 is beginning soon, I think it starts February 16th and runs until February 28th - to coincide with the Winter Olympics. The event was started several years ago by the Yarn Harlot, and has since been taken up by Ravelry forums and spread like wild fire. What it amounts to is that you start casting on and try to complete a set project goal within the 16 days of the Olympics.

Last year, I participated for the first time as part of Team Tardis, because I'm a Dr. Who fan. During that Summer Olympics, I completed a vest. I loved the challenge. It was really fun.

This year, I have joined with Team Tank, which my friends Emily and Karen have spearheaded.

Now my dilemma is this: My ideal project for this time is a cardigan made from handspun. My own handspun. Which I haven't spun yet. Yeah. So I'd have to start spinning right about now in order to get the yarn ready in time for the opening ceremony. Then the next challenge is, could I really finish knitting a complete cardigan in only 16 days? No doubt it would be a "challenge" with a capital C. So make that Challenge. Normally it takes me about a month, maybe 5 or 6 weeks to make a sweater, but that's because I usually knit several items at once and tend to poke along. So if the cardigan were easy enough AND the focus was on only one project, could I do it? I'd love to try anyway.

My other option is to knit a hat and thrummed mittens out of handspun that is already spun up. I think I could get that done in 16 days without too much trouble.

So . . . . if I go with the cardigan option, here are the three choices I'm currently considering:

This one is Oatmeal Cardigan in this month's Spin Off magazine. It is a fairly straight-forward project from worsted weight yarn. It also seems to look nice in handspun yarn. The roving I've chosen is very NATURAL, it's a light/medium brown color. Here's a photo of it.

Option 2 Cardigan would be Espresso from the book A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd. I love, love, love this sweater. Now remember, the roving I'm choosing a the natural brown. So would that natural color look good in this style? Not sure.

Option 3 Cardigan is this Garter Yoke Cardigan from the Knit1 Vogue magazine Fall/Winter of 2008.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Input?

And are any of you participating in Ravelympics?


linuxchic said...

I absolutely LOVE the third sweater but I think you are right about the first one looking great in handspun. I think it would also look wonderful in the natural brown color you have. I choose door number one!

Kim in Michigan said...

Chelle, you've chosen some beautiful patterns and given yourself quite a decision to make. I love both the Garter Yoke and Espresso, and I think the Garter Yoke is my favorite. It just seems classy. (By the way, check out the projects on Ravelry for Espresso to see some done in grays and browns.)
Can't wait to find out which you choose!

Elysbeth said...

Would have to go with the Garter Yoke on this one. General wearablity, a fabric that wouldn't suffer if there were some irregularity in the handspun, and no one part of the pattern that could potentially require concentration with a chart, something that isn't always readily available.

Love to see what you opt for. If you thrum mittens instead, please send up here for our extended winter season and I will mail back before your season starts next year ; )

Jules said...

I have to agree with Christa! I think the Oatmeal will look great with a handspun! Good luck! I may have to try one of them myself before too long!