Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jitterbug Socks Finished; New Pair Started; and A Lot Left of the Jitterbug Sock Yarn

On the sock knitting front - news to report:

Over the weekend, I finished my Jitterbug Raphael Toe-Up socks. They were made on size 0 needles using Chery's Toe-Up pattern and a turkish cast on (56 stitches cast on). It was really easy. That pattern (a free pattern on her site) uses a heel flap method, which I prefer over short-row type heels. It simply fits my foot better, and I don't mind picking up stitches. I've used this pattern before to make worsted weight and sport weight socks, and it works just as well for fingering weight. By doing just a little 3rd grade math, you can use this pattern for any size, any weight of yarn so it's really versatile and I love it. It's probably my favorite sock pattern thus far.

Though I've used Jitterbug sock yarn to make a shawl, I never used it for socks yet, this was the first time. I'd been warned that these skeins can run short if you make high cuffs. That's one reason I chose to use toe-up on this particular yarn, but I'm happy to report I had this much left.
I guess I'll use the remainder of this skein to make some motifs for my Capricious Capelet that I'm slowly crocheting. The fall colors will go along quite nicely with the Capricious Capelet's color scheme. That capelet is going along SLOWLY because I've only finished 2 out of about 8 motifs in it. Also, I'm not quite sure of how I'm going to put all these motifs together, but I guess I'll worry about that farther down the line. It's Freeform but I'm trying to use a Margaret Hubert pattern, and I'm not sure how it all works together quite yet, so that is going to take a while. I'm just making separate leaf and flower motifs right now and hoping they will eventually turn into what it's supposed to look like, but no matter, it's fun experimenting and learning with it. I also need to learn to do mesh crocheting to unite the separate pieces.

In other sock news, I have cast on (for the second time) to make the Knitpicks pattern, "Girl's Best Friend Anklets" - they use double pointed needles, so I'm trying out my new needle set from Knitpicks, the Harmony wood double pointed needles.
They are gorgeous needles and knit like a dream. It feels like an old-fashioned luxury making socks on these needles.

I first cast on for these a couple of weeks ago, but the pattern calls for 64 stitches and that is WAY too wide for my narrow foot. So I frogged the first effort to make them out of Knitpicks regular sock yarn and am now starting over with Cascade Fixation sock yarn - in color 4447 - a warm orangey color, because this yarn is elastic and pulls in, I'll be able to get gauge, hopefully, so I don't end up with gigantic socks. This was Carol's brilliant idea, and she was my enabler in selecting this yarn to make the socks. So if they turn out well, I'll thank Carol, and if not, I'll blame her (not really).


Elysbeth said...

Have you looked at Schurch's book? You could adapt patterns for amounts of stitches.

ChelleC said...

Actually, yeah, I have Schurch's book but haven't used it yet. I'm not very good at adapting patterns.

Anyway, it's fine now because I'm going to just make it with this Fixation yarn and if it's still a bit too large, the good thing about Cascade Fixation is the sock shrinks up just a bit, and it seems to adapt well and just hugs my foot like a second skin. That's why I use it so often.

Carol said...

I new you would get them done quickly since you were already past the heel. It always seems like the cuff takes the shortest time, at least for me. They turned out great. It looks like they are already keeping your toes warm.

I love the needles. I have the metal ones but may need the wooden ones too.

Laura said...

Love the socks! Those Knitpicks needles are so pretty, too! I've washed Fixation in the machine and while they shrink to doll-sized, they'll stretch just fine.

Thanks for sharing your holiday memories! It was fun reading them. :)

ChelleC said...

Well, I have knit down the cuff a couple of inches on this new attempt and I can tell you that they are just as wide as before - huge!!! And I'm using a size 0 needle. These are just not working. I'll show you knitting gals before I rip, but I think this pattern is a lost cause. I talked to another gal on Ravelry who was trying to make them for herself orginally and ended up too wide, so she gave them to her MIL who has swollen ankles. I can't figure out how to make this pattern any less wide. I called Customer Service today, after waiting 2 weeks on an email I sent Knitpicks. The customer service rep said she'll try to get a response for me. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll holding off on proceeding with them.

Elysbeth said...

How frustrating! Any way to take stitches out of the pattern?

ChelleC said...

later note: these girl friends socks were gifted to my girlfriend Carol for her to finish and enjoy. Hopefully she'll have better luck with them.