Monday, December 31, 2007

My Guiding Word for 2008 - "Awareness"

Each year, my friend Phyllis and I choose a word to guide us through the coming year. If you've never heard me go on and on about this before - then read about how we came up with this by going here. I've chosen excellent words in the past, some were more effective and rang truer with me than others. Last year, I selected "self-control" but it was one of those clunkers that didn't work as well because I think it was too extreme and non-forgiving. I didn't feel comfortable with it - and thus didn't exercise much of it. I guess the rebel part of me rebelled against the very thought, not to mention the adherence, to that word!

So this year, I am selecting "Awareness" with a great deal of consideration and I think it will work for me! I've actually been using it since October, when the word was mentioned at a Weight Watchers meeting and the word resonated and clung to me like the finest cashmere.

Why Awareness? Because it covers all areas of my life - my personal life, my health and fitness efforts, my career, my knitting life, my spiritual development, my financial prosperity. By being aware, I gain the power to make informed and heartfelt choices. If I'm AWARE, I have a choice. If I'm mentally asleep at the wheel, I lose it all to old, destructive habit, to living on automatic pilot, to taking the easy, but wandering road that too often gets me off track on my personal goals.

So my word for this year is "Awareness." By choosing to be aware more often, about more things, and to come back to that awareness without chastisment, but with an attitude of "Oh yeah, now I'm THERE, centered, I can make the best choice for me in this moment." Awareness is what it really takes to steer my year ahead. Here's to 2008 - here's to being more aware. Not being perfect, just walking toward what I want with the magic word in my heart.


Diana said...

You and I must be on the same track this year. My intention for 2008 is "mindfulness," very similar to awareness.

Best of luck to you and your family in 2008 and I'll try to be mindfully aware if you will ...

Elysbeth said...

Sometimes you really hit us with a great zinger. Awareness will fit in nicely with something one of your authors (Katie Byron) says about "if you are living your life, and I am living your life, Who is living MY life?" That's awareness also. May 2008 be filled with life centered moments.

ChelleC said...

Hi Diana, yes mindfulness is very much in alignment with awareness - they are extremely similar and related. Great word, and good luck with it this year!

Elysbeth, wow you are SO RIGHT about that Byron Katie observation. As you know, I have been a student of The Work for several years and find more and more truth in it the more I experience it. And most of what has plagued and tormented me this year has been because I've been more in someone else's business than in my own. Here's to living in Chelle's life and Chelle's business than in everyone else's. Sometimes I think I can run the universe better than God herself!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

All best to you and yours this new year, Chelle. I think I hear you feeling more comfortable in your own skin lately, and Awareness is a great word to help you stay comfy, if I may say so.

I think my word will be Balance. However, that is more like my life's word, not merely a year. We'll see if I can get closer to achieving it this year.

Hugs to you and all those you love.