Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reeling From the Yarn Stash Inventory

I used to think that the stash folder was the one thing on Ravelry I would never use. Why? I told myself that I already know what is in my stash, that it’s “not much” and that ”I’m going to use it all eventually.” Also, that’s it’s manageable because I already know what projects I’m going to make with most of it. Yeah, right. What obvious rationalizing I’ve been doing.

In recent days, I’ve been pulling bags and bags out of not only my yarn room closet, but also other closets in the house, including mine upstairs and storage containers downstairs in the family room closet. Yikes! Just gathering it altogether and setting it out is a chore. Then I started photographing it on my digital camera. Wow! What a chore. I have used up most of my monthly uploading allowance on Flickr. I still haven’t finished uploading yet. Jeez.

I’m finding yarn and projects I’d totally forgotten about. It’s like finding gold (and lots of Fools Gold too). Along with the yarn, I’m finding old patterns I wanted to make - and matching yarn with projects I’m much more excited about than the original pattern intention.

I am tackling this task a little bit each day. It’s amazingly time consuming.
It's been quite an eye opener logging these thing. Ugghh!!! I am slowly but surely getting them photographed, then downloaded onto Flickr and finally on Ravelry. It's a 4 step process: 1) finding the yarn; 2)blushing with chagrin at how I "really intended on knitting that" but never did! (or if it's yarn I no longer love wondering, "What in the world was I thinking?") 2) photographing it; 3) Entering it into Flickr with a description and identifying information; 4) posting it onto Ravelry.

I am feeling much better about it today than yesterday. I'm mentally "fessing up" to my yarn transgressions and feeling more excited about using what I have, and feeling guilt-free to sell or give away what I really won't ever use.


Elysbeth said...

Got anything bland I can come shop from your store?

I have to admit that I have been Raveling my Stash in small doses. But when it said 58th entry, I thought hmmmn....

Yarn Thing said...

I so know what you are talking about. I still haven't uploaded all my yarn stash yet and I am shocked at how much I have!

I think I will need somebody to hold my hand when I get around to all the novelty yarn I have...yikes!!!