Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hannukah oh Hannukah

Yesterday, my fellow blogger and friend Lynn of ColorJoy asked her blog readers what we were going to concentrate on during the last 3 weeks of the year. She is a terrific sock knitter. In fact, I think she's knit well over 300 if I'm not mistaken? Correct me if I'm wrong Lynn, but it's a whole LOT of socks. She even has a "sock tour" you can go to on her site, where you can see the socks she's made. Last year she ended the year by finishing up many of the sock projects she'd started earlier in the year. This year, she's putting her attention toward nurturing her relationships, trying to connect with people.

My end of year focus: well for these past two weeks, I've been really intensely focused on my daughter's community theater play, "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever." My daughter plays the lead role of Grace, the mother (gloat, gloat). This is her last play with this wonderful theater group that she's been participating in for several years. Therefore, it's a very busy and emotional time for us, because we are all involved in it. Both my husband and I volunteer. He's backstage guy and I'm mainly the Greenroom babysitter, but I also do whatever needs doing in refreshments, dressing room, makeup or whatever. So we've been immersed in the rehearsals and things are heating up fast - this weekend we have 3 nights of performances. Whew, and then it's over.

This week has in fact been Hannukah season, but we haven't even had time to celebrate properly as we usually do. We'll light the candles tonight - it's the third night. For us, it's not much about the gifts, because we don't exchange gifts. It's about being together, eating a nice meal together as a family, talking about how lucky we are to have freedom, and celebrating what gifts we are to each other - an important fact that we've sort of forgotten this year in the heat of some family conflict.

I must say, 2007 has been a largely frustrating and unsatisfying year for me personally - mainly due to my own sucky attitude and not knowing how to make changes to deal with things that have emerged in my life, or have failed to emerge as I had hoped. I am going to spend the next few weeks doing some soul searching about how I can make 2008 much better!

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ColorJoy LynnH said...

Hi, Chelle. Thanks for the mention. It has been a special week on my blog and it was great having you as part of it.

I *am* obsessed with socknitting. I only count *pairs* and my log is 157 pairs to date. That does not count the untold single socks that I knit as samples for this or that shop. It also doesn't count the way too many pairs in my house waiting for afterthought heels or even just a kitchener closure or something like that. Less than an inch of knitting and they sit.

I use socks as sort of "worry beads" that I carry in my purse all the time. When I have to stop and notice if it's time to decrease or something, I have to wait to do that part at home. Therefore I finish all the straight tube parts easily, and heels/toes can wait for months and months.

Eventually I do the work and finish them. The ones which get this far do get attended to eventually. Slow but steady wins the race. If there is a race, that is.

Yes, connecting with loved ones is a great way to slow down and experience holiday times. Thanks.