Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thoughtful Gems from Oprah for the New Year

I like Oprah. I love her magazine, especially this latest (January) issue on newsstands now. Have you seen it?

It's just the shot in the arm I can use right now in thinking about my new year. Maybe there's something of interest to you too?

I particularly liked the article on page 72 called, "The Willpower Myth" about how to make changes that are hard ones to make, the ones where you are weak and low in self-control. Remember the trouble I had last year using "self control" as my touchstone word? Well, heck, no wonder it didn't work well for me. This article examines the commonly held belief that failure to make change is a result of weak willpower, or that one didn't try hard enough. This article talks about research that examines the ways that change occurs successfully. I won't give away the contents of the article, but it's very interesting.

Another article in there, on page 164, talks about "The New and Improved Self-Esteem" - ways that self-esteem can be learned, taught, developed and spread to others. Very insightful! It's a self-esteem repair kit.

Then there's an article on "The Energy Makeover" which talks about ways to get through the day - alternatives to 4 cups of coffee. In fact, as the article so truly points out, the very things we're typically drawn toward to boost energy are seldom the things that actually help us be more energetic. There are some great ideas here - and the cover photo of Oprah wearing those gorgeous purple PJs wanted me to spruce up my own pajama wardrobe. I've been wearing some plain old ugly, misshapen and OLLDDD long t-shirts and they are pretty rattty. I think I'll be shopping for some more PJs soon.

Finally, there's a fantastic article on "How NOT to Look Old" on page 186 which talks about age fashion traps, many of which I have fallen into. I've been feeling kind of matronly and sloppy lately, wearing jeans and t-shirts constantly. Part of it, I know is that I need and want to lose weight, so since I feel frumpy, overweight and dowdy, I dress accordingly. That really needs to stop. I currently dress like Mom #2 - she's wearing a turtleneck and jeans with tennis shoes. But at least she has on a belt and a tucked in shirt. I don't ever wear belts, nor do I like to tuck in my shirt, because it emphasizes my apple-like mid-section!!! But she's the "functional but forgettable" Middle-aged Mom. That's me, all right. This article talks about to regroup with your wardrobe by buying a few classic pieces that you can mix and match - all look very attractive and up-to-date for a more youthful and attractive appearance.


Christine said...

Sounds good! I wonder how long before that issue is down under? And new PJs are on my list too!

Laura said...

Pineapple, on the page after the fashion vs age article, is on sale at Price Chopper. Plus, pajama packs are probably on sale at K-mart and will be on sale after Christmas at Target. Both stores have cute jammies.

Dr. Phil says willpower is not the problem, having things around you shouldn't do, is. Make sense to me.

I've not read my December Oprah yet. :P

Catherine said...

I just bought that issue of Oprah, for exactly the articles you mentioned - then I threw it on the coffee table and haven't looked at it yet. I'll sit down with it this afternoon for sure. I think I am three Oprahs behind at the moment....