Monday, May 26, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear? Podcast Addiction

First of all, that is not my big ugly ear in the photo, I just wanted to have something visual for those of you who are geared that way. Personally, I have ALWAYS been really auditory. In college, I used to study by recording my notes on tape and playing them back - works even better than flash cards for me. I've checked out books on tape and CD from the library for quite some time now and enjoyed many extra hours of reading each week during my daily commutes.

I've resisted I-pods and M3P players for a while now, not sure quite why, but mainly I just don't like seeing people walking around in a daze with them and being "tuned out" of their real world, for the same reason I resent cell phones, video games etc. especially in public, where other people are ignored in favor of the preferred technology instrument. Plus, I usually wait a while after a new technology craze starts so I can figure out what equipment it is I really want and need.

In spite of my initial hesitation, recently, I've been wanting an MP3 player because I've listened to a few knitting podcasts online and figured it would be nice to listen to them while I work out on my treadmill, while I walk outside and do boring household chores. Plus, I have a 40 minute ride to and from work each day that is made much more fun by audio learning entertainment of all kinds.

Well, last weekend, we were at my husband's favorite electronics store and found a refurbished Scan Disk MP3 player on clearance for $24.95. I bought one for myself, and one for my Mom. I've been spending the whole week playing around with it and enjoying it.

So much fun!!! I actually spent an extra 10-15 minutes on the treadmill each day because I wanted to hear the end of that session's podcast. So far, I've explored podcasts such as Knitpicks, Stash N Burn, Lime and Violet, Socks in the City, Cast On as well as Y Knit. I am interested in any good ones that you've enjoyed (don't care if they are knitting or NON-knitting related).

And if you haven't fallen into the podcast spell yet, let me just DARE you to try one episode of Limenviolet (Episode 54) where Carin and Violet talk about Carin's dog's visit to the vet where the dog went to get her teeth cleaned, but came back with her butt shaved bare. Yeah, it's hilarious. And they talk about knitting too. The knitting talk is great, but the laughs are pricless free entertainment. You can't beat that.


PBW said...

I love, love, love podcasts. My favorites are Harlequin's Meet the Editors, My Daily Phrase Italian.

Oh, Dave Ramsey show is on podcast too!

Maenwyn said...

I have been thusfar successful in resisting pod casts...until now. I haven't purchased anything new for quite a while, and I have been thinking of an MP3 player for books on tape. Darn, I guess I'd better go shopping.

Still trying new stuff...

Jo said...

I am too lazy to do podcasts; I always think I will but my computer is so SLOW. I just keep the same song rotation on my mp3 player all the time.

Maybe you'll addict me.

PBW said...

You've been tagged. Check my blog for details.