Thursday, May 08, 2008

Six Quirky Things About Me

My friend Phyllis had a "tagged you're it" thing on her blog where she listed 6 quirky things about herself. Here are a few of my own quirks (several of hers I share by the way, but I'm not going to copy).

1. I love movies. Really adore them. And I waste money on a lot of impulse buying (or ah hem, I USED to waste money before getting on the Dave Ramsey kick last weekend). But I have this weird thing that I will hardly EVER spend money on a first-run movie. Instead I go to the dollar movie and wait until it's WAY past blockbuster status before I go, because I just can't see waiting $8 or $10 bucks per ticket. With three of us, that really adds up.

2. I have this thing where I HATE euphemisms and "nice" ways of whitewashing over reality with slick phrases. My pet peeve among them right now is "issue." I HATE the word "issue." Either something is a PROBLEM that needs solving, or it isn't. Everyone in corporate land at every office I've been in has "issues" and I want to just slap them every time they say it. Maybe I have "issues" but that's one of my quirks. Often these "issues" are real NON-issues just to make work for themselves and to make the biggest lazy asses in the company APPEAR to be doing something. If you're allergic to real work, don't waste my time.

3. I like seminars, classes, workshops and lectures. Call me weird, but the nerd in me really ENJOYS these and I have actually paid for and attended them on days off. Weird, I know. I also listen to books on tape whenever I'm in the car rather than turning on music. I love to learn.

4. In tandem with No. 3, I am a closet philosopher, psychologist and naval gazer. I love to badger people with questions about what they think, what they believe and why. People are extremely interesting to me - and I seldom meet anyone I don't like in some way. The only people I really don't like are ones that seem fake or extremely arrogant. Even those people, I want to mentally access and figure out how they got to me that way.

5. Though for the most part, I'm an extreme extrovert, there's a part of me that just wants to be left alone. I'm a loner at heart, and being alone feeds my soul. Like on break at work, I sit at a table by myself and want to just read, think, eat, knit or vegetate. My favorite thing in the world is to have an entire day off in the house by myself and not talk to ANYONE - just do my own thing. I especially love people who are cranky, curmudgeonly, onery, or old. Those are the honest ones, and have much to teach. They are the wizened souls.

6. Though I've always longed to play the piano and learn a foreign language, I never did either one -or at least very well (I've dabbled). I secretly think that people who speak multiple language or play multiple instruments are brilliant.

Now what are YOUR quirks, tag if you want to be "it."


Elysbeth said...

Wait? what's the quirky part?

ChelleC said...

More quirky? Well, I'm left handed and write sideways. Is that quirky enough?