Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Frog Jumps in the Pond

Remember this vest? The one where I bought the huge skein of lime green yarn from Tracy Bonkers at the Knitting in the Heartland conference?

Well I might have looked all happy and content knitting it here: but let me reassure you, I've not been happy with the resulting nearly finished vest. All I have to do is make the button band, I've even sewn the shoulder seams (with Carol's help), but it still looks like crapola. It "fits" in a matter of speaking. I got gauge. But the design itself is extremely ugly on me. I won't show you a picture of me trying it on, because like most people, I generally avoid displaying totally UNFLATTERING photos of myself on the web.

But let's just say, TRUST ME, it looks like the bottom of the bargain basement day at a thrift store sale, and I've been in enough thrift store sales to recognize the true bottom of the barrel. This frog wouldn't even have leapt into my shopping basket if given away for free.

Therefore, off to the frog pond it goes. I will rip-it, rip-it very soon, if not today then whenever my ripping arm feels loosened up to rip 800 or so yards of lime green yarn.

There are times I truly get discouraged with my knitting, and it usually is associated with my attempts at fitted garments to put on my own body. I imagine my distaste has more to do with the unfit body itself rather than the garments - maybe? Not sure. But I have NOT been satisfied with the sweaters I've made for myself. Never have liked a single one.

So I'm seriously starting to think that unless and until I loose about 30-35 lbs, I might as well just forget making sweaters and even vests for myself and stick to things like socks, shawls, dishcloths, purses/bags, household items and maybe the occasional baby gift. I just may not be a sweater person, in spite of the fact that I'm now a co-moderator over on the Got Vests group at Ravelry. Ha! A maker of frogs extraordaire.


Ellen Bloom said...

I've always had the same trouble with knit sweaters and vests....they all look terrible on me. THEN, I made a top-down sweater and fell in love. Try it, I think you'll like the results!

loopykd said...

I sure feel bad for you. I have ripped projects before that I couldn't believe I ripped. I think it looks lovely and probably doesn't look as bad as you think.

Elysbeth said...

You could get Ravelry glasses that state "Frogged" "Ripped".

What you put in them is Your choice. (wink wink)

Debi said...

I think you need to find a shape that works for you and stick with it because I knit flattering garments for me (and other "fluffy" friends) and believe me I need to lose A LOT more than 30 pounds, LOL.

Do you have a favorite store bought sweater you love? Find the elements that make it a keeper and incorporate them into your handknits and you'll have a handknit sweater that people will gaze at incredulously and say "You made that???" :)

PBW said...

That yarn is so pretty, I'm sure you'll make something else with it you'll love.