Monday, June 19, 2006

A Bad Batch of Soup - I Mean Knits?

Okay, I thought my vest knitting problem was solved. Here is a photo of the Gimme 5 Vest in progress. And first of all, this vest has taken WAY MORE than the suggested five hours. That's not surprising. I take a long time knitting everything and have some major problem with almost every project. I think I'm like Grammy Ferne, I don't like anything I knit.

Do you notice how short it is? It's hard to tell from the photo, because it's lying flat, but I think it's way too short and will fall on me in mid gut level, which is not a part of my anatomy I care to emphasize. Hmmmm. Big hmmmm. I like the yarn, I lOVE the color, I love the buttons I selected. But I hate the way this is going to look on me. I should have used larger needles so the drops would be longer. I'm in the "previous investment trap" that the writer Harold Brown used to speak of. I keep feeling like I've got to plow ahead with this monstrosity because I've already invested so much time (and money) in it. Especially now that Laura has also invested about two hours as well. But I don't like it - at least not "as is." Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Next on the half-baked agenda: we have the summer hat I made - it actually turned out pretty well, but it's a little large on both my head and Em's. I was thinking about trying to shrink it. Either that or put a drawstring through the loops so it will be a bit tighter. That might work. I also need to knit a big flower for the front of it in ribbon yarn. All in all, I think this hat will be okay when completed. It was a pretty quick knit and turned out okay.

Finally, over the weekend I began knitting a cute little sock out of Trekking Color #135. I love this color! It has yummy summer shades of orange, light orange, green, and blue. I love the oranges. But I knit loosely, so doing these on size 1 needles is making them too wide for my calf. I usually aim for a 3 1/2 wide cuff and this is a 4" cuff. Darn! I either need to rip it back to the ribbing and switch to a size 0 needle (which I HATE to knit with) or else I even considered adding some ribbing halfway down the cuff to cinch it in a little. Would that look goofy or cute? Not sure. Will have to post a sock photo in another entry. Blogger has frustrating photo limits.


Maenwyn said...

I love the hat. Keep the hat, redo the sock.

Laura said...


Maybe you should let the little vest elf take it home over the week, next next Saturday and let it 'percolate'. :D