Monday, June 12, 2006

Summery Red Hat Project

I needed something - a new project. I'm bored with absolutely everything, especially myself. So I started this cute little summer cotton hat that I first spotted and tried on at the Knitter's Corner store in the Ozarks the weekend before last. For some reason, whenever I'm feeling kind of "eeeennngggg" there are a few sure-fire things to cheer me up 1) listening to 70's music and singing along in the car (preferably when I'm alone so no one can protest); 2) wearing cheerful bright colors; 3) reading a good book; and/or 4) wearing a fun hat.

Remember, here's the hat I'm aiming for:

And this is where I am at - just finished the brim and am into the straight section of the hat.

I hope this turns out! I need something to turn out for a change.


Laura said...

Wow! The brim is looking good!

Don't worry, we'll nail down that vest this Saturday. I'm planning on being there for sure, since I missed you girls, too!

LOL about singing in the car alone. I do that too, to 80's music since I know all the words.

ChelleC said...

Yes, it's been a long week already. I'm ready for the weekend already.

Maenwyn said...

I love the color and I'm sure it will be a jammin' hat. You'll be cute all winter.

Can't wait to see you Saturday.

ChelleC said...

Actually, I'm going to wear it in summer. I think - it seems like it would be nice on those hot days, to keep the sun off my head. We'll see.