Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Little Old Lady in Disguise?

Again, I'm still thinking about that Antique Memories shop from my lake trip last week. It was such a fun shop. Here is a photo of a hat I purchased while there. It's a 1920's hat from a lady in St. Louis who was a hat affectionado during her flapper days. She was an old maid with a 3-story house and she collected hats. I love hats. Wish I could collect them (no room in my small house). Isn't this hat just adoorable?

I think I can wear it with a vintage winter coat I found at a thrift store. I am a thrift store junkie. I'm also a purse addict, as evidenced by yet another bag I bought from Antique Memories. Here it is:

I also found a really CUTE pair of black cameo earrings - the crank kind - that are adorable. Cameos are my trademark. I think I've been a "little old lady" all my life. I have strange taste - I always am a throwback to another age and never quite fit into my own time. Oh well, there are worse thing than being an internal "little old lady." Little old ladies are pretty fantastic. Maybe that's why I so often work with them, and enjoy the rich stories where they share the fabric of their lives with me - an eavesdropper who is enthralled and wistful about their past. The current times we have here don't always seem so nice, but maybe then again, their times look more quaint, charming and sweet with the passage of years. I don't know.

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