Monday, June 05, 2006

Knitter's Corner and Antique Memories

Okay, because Blogger was being uncooperative today in a major way, this essay is actually Part II of Lake Effect. For the sake of continuity, please read the entry below this one first. In order to post my photos, I had to do it this way. Don't ask why. Blogger is either really peevish or I'm more technology challenged than I care to admit. We'll blame it on Blogger.

Continuing on with my story (Remember we left off with the frustrating vest making experience and we stopped short of ripping it out (:

On a more pleasant note, we found two LOVELY shops. One is Knitter's Corner near Lake of the Ozarks. Here is a link to their shop for all who care to explore - (coming from Camdenton) Knitter's Corner, just over the Grand Glaze bridge and across from the Happy Fisherman. It's a charming shop with really nice folks, and they have a lot of their items knit up on display to tempt you. Several of their projects were knit by customers instead of manufacturer's samples. This shop is so cute - they even have knitted curtains in the windows.

The ladies Knitter's Corner are very sweet and encouraged our Sip and Knit group to come down for a visit. They even offered to give a class of our request - a mini-workshop of sorts, if we'd care to suggest something we'd like to do together. Any ideas ladies? It's only a two-hour drive. What if we drove down some Friday night, then stayed overnight at a cabin, attended a knitting workshop on Saturday, then came back to town afterwards. I think it would be a blast!!

At that shop, I saw this lovely hat, knit by a customer, and I bought the yarn for it. Here's me trying it on.

Finally, we polished off our trip by disovering a really lovely shop called Antique Memories at Osage Beach. We milled around there for quite a while. I love hats, and so does my daughter, as evidenced by her hat find:

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Laura said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

We'll fix that vest, not to worry. The yarn and colors already look too pretty NOT to complete the project.

A Knitter's retreat down there sounds wonderful. I vote yes! We need to go in July, just because I'd like to make sure I can be there. :D